DIY Baby Shower Favors – Favors that are Useful

Beauty products

Since baby shower is typically a gathering of women, so beauty products are a perfect idea for favoring your girlfriends to some special treatment.

1) Nail polish

– good nail polish is like a weakness for just about any woman, so decide on a pink or blue nail polish if going for the baby’s gender theme or take the rainbow as your inspiration and pick a color that fits your theme, like green for a safari theme, turquoise for aqua theme and so on. Personalize your little bottles with a cute ribbon and a pacifier shaped name tag. Ladies will be mesmerized by your colorful inspiration!

2) Sugar Scrub Jar

– You will need small glass jars with a lid, brown sugar, extra virgin olive oil and honey. Mix 3 cups brown sugar with a cup of olive oil and 6 tablespoons of honey. Mix well and pour into jars. This is a great recipe for smooth skin!

3) Home made body cream

– how about coconut home made cream as a pure tribute in honor of a baby boy or a rose scented body cream for a baby girl’s shower? Recipes are one click away so use internet as your inspiration and treat yourself to a day of cooking beauty potions. Place them in pretty white jar with dome lid, then tie a beautiful ribbon around it for a spectacular look!

4) Rattle Bath Puffs

– attach bath puffs to a nicely laced stick to make them look like a baby rattle. Tie a ribbon  with a handmade label in a shape of baby bottle, onesies, carriage or anything baby related. They are really funny gifts and you can wrap them next to a body shower cream so your girlfriends can use them for a completely relaxing bath experience.

5) Handmade Baby Shaped Soaps

– Using Sleeping baby 3D soap mold silicone, you can create these cuties. Look for DIY handmade soap recipes you like and follow the steps. Package them nicely with a ribbon in a clear boxes.



Sweets and candies

Nothing is better than a sweet treat, so prove your candy-wrapping skills and prepare individual boxes of sweet treats as baby shower favors. Guests will be enchanted by your choice plus there are plenty of ideas you can use.

1) Cookies

– surprise your guests with some personalized sweet cookies created by yourself. Match cookies with your baby shower theme for a formal approach. Make use of cookie cutters of the shape you want. They are very handy and will save your time.

2) Jelly beans

– a funny and wonderfully sweet idea! Start by placing cute jelly beans in small, colorful organza , cellophane, plastic or sandwich bags and craft miniature white diaper coverings by using white square napkins or fabric. Fold the fabric in triangle and place the jelly bean bag in the centre. It should be placed so that there is a flap at the bottom and both sides of the bag. Bring them all in and secure it with a safety pin, creating the look of some sweet babies in their diapers.

3) Cupcakes

– same as cookies, cupcakes are a charming idea of pleasing baby shower’s attendants. Wow your guests by proving your decoration skills and craft some breathtaking cupcakes.

miniature-glass-bell-jars-with-white-fluted-base-400 mini individual cupcake boxes

4) “About to Pop

– You would need to get make or purchase some decorative popcorn boxes and blue or pink netting. Write the phrase “About to Pop” in them if you have made your own boxes. Be creative and write or paint the words on the box. Put the netting in the box and fill it with popcorn. Add a creative thank you note and tie the netting closed with a pretty ribbon.

diy baby shower favors

Thank you tags : hole punch & string through

5. Paper Cup Baby Booties

– You will need paper cups, satin ribbon, jingle bells and a hole punch. Cut the paper cup around in half, then cut two slits to make the tongue. Punch two holes in both sides of the paper shoe area of your bootie. Lace satin ribbon through the holes and tie it. Glue the jingle bell on the knot area of the satin ribbon; fill bootie with candy. How to make paper cup booties video

6) Pacifier Favors

– For these favors, you need to purchase life savers and a bag of jelly beans. You will also need to use a hot glue gun to glue the parts together. These are very simple to make. Lay the first life saver flat and glue the second life saver standing up on the first one. This part will look like the small handle of the pacifier. Once that is dry, turn the pacifier over and glue a jelly bean in the hole of the life saver that was lying flat. That’s all there is to it.


7) Candy Jars

– If you are having a candy buffet at the baby shower, you can prepare candy jars to let your guests fill their jars with all their childhood favorites. 


8) Gift of  Dry Cookie Mix

– You can share your favorite cookie recipe by creating lovely Dry Cookie Mix favors. They look amazing and are absolutely fun! You can add special touch with personalized labels on the mason jars.

Personalized Baby Mason Jars with Handle

Flowers & Plants

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a girl or a boy baby shower, you can freshen up the atmosphere with some lovely flowers. Either you can use natural or artificial crafted decorations, women will always be fascinated by flowers.

1) Natural flowers

-  if choosing fresh flowers, you can hypnotize your entire audience with their natural fragrances. Put your signature on flowerpots by decorating them. Place it’s a boy/girl tag and wrap them up to look gorgeous!

2) Flower Place Settings

– For this favor, you will need to purchase plastic tea cups, artificial flowers, colored cellophane, candies and pretty ribbon and tissue paper. Line the inside of the teacup with tissue paper, then place the flower in the middle of the teacup and place the candy around it to hold up the flower. Put the cellophane over the cup and tie it at the top with pretty ribbon.


3) Plant Favors

– You will need small flower pots (terracotta pots if you want to paint your own), potting soil and seedlings. Put the seedlings in the soil and add instructions about how to care for the plant. Give each guest a plant as reminder of the shower.

4) Crafted flower decorations

– hand-made paper flowers are very appealing and the guests will be impressed with your crafting skill! Match the paper color with your theme or match the flower with personality if baby shower is more intimate and personal. Sewing is another way of crafting artificial flowers and some glamorous flower brooches would be a cute idea. Want more? Go for some blue marshmallow daisies or iced sugar roses. Edible flower bouquets are delicious! Look into origami flowers too.

Picture Frame

Purchase inexpensive photo frames (Can usually find at a dollar store), buttons or beads, and a glue gun. Decorate the photo frame with buttons or beads and give it to each guest. You can send them a picture of themselves at the party to put in their frame.

Overall it’s not important what you choose, it’s important to be original and inspirational. Spread the joy by crafting baby shower favors that are authentic and private as the event itself. Be pure and inoffensive, the amount of money spent is not relevant, the final feedback is all that matters.