Confetti & Sprinkles Baby Shower

With a blast of exciting colors, this Confetti & Sprinkles baby shower was definitely one of a kind.  Planned out by the fantastic Baby and Breakfast the party had all sorts of adorable bits that ensured a successful outcome.

Confetti & Sprinkles Baby Shower table setting for guests, thank you gift

The treat table was a fabulous display of pastels and snacks all blended together to stand out superbly. A massive confetti backdrop was made, drawing attention in a sweet way.  The table was lined in white, so all of the colors could really pop.  Across the front of the table an adorable arrangement of colored tassels was displayed.

Yummy snacks called out with bright tones and classic styles. From the blue frosted cupcakes to the sprinkle filled macarons, there was a tasty bit for everyone to try out.  The cake was a creative wonder with three layers of confetti deliciousness covered in an elegant fashion.

Other touches that made this table really stand out included a fun bit of framed art that said, “About to pop” that had cute confetti clip art.  A sweet arrangement of flowers was set in a white teapot and had sprinkles, creating a unique look.

Invitations were made for the party that were absolutely divine.  With a confetti and sprinkle theme, it made sense for the invites to be covered in colorful polka dots and the font used was a perfect bold display of yellow.

A little station was set up with polka dot cups that held sprinkles, so everyone could have their own sprinkle fun!  Even the vip chair was decked out to match the theme spectacularly.  With confetti on the white seat cushion and wonderful, colorful lanterns on the back of it, the chair was definitely a gorgeous addition to the decor.

Credits –

Planning and Conceptualizaton: Baby and Breakfast

Photography: Camille King Photography

Stylist: She Dreams In Ink

Desserts: Lovelots Cakes

Clothing: Elin

Makeup Artist: Gex Garcia

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Sprinkle Baby Shower

Designer Emily Henderson went all out with her very own sprinkle, setting the tone at her venue to match her little one’s mood board. Using an outdoor space, each element to the party was fun and light. The party area was gorgeously surrounded with fabulously green, tall bushes and trees that gave a cozy feeling.  Even the ground added to the party with concrete painted in a stylish way.

Sprinkle Baby Shower baby item station, activities

Blending light pinks and mossy greens, the atmosphere had a natural and soft approach that was sure to be enjoyed. A fantastically unique activity set-up at this event was a station for creating your own terrarium.  With a variety of fun plants and decorations, each guest would get a lasting reminder of the fun they had at this special celebration.

Another adorable area for the guests to explore their creativity was a Diy baby tem station where everyone could make a sweet little gift for the baby-to-be.  Laid-out with paintbrushes and baby clothes and other crafting supplies, this station was a wonderful addition to the sprinkle.

The outdoor venue used for the gathering was stunning. From the massive, green, wrap-around-couch to the hexagon styled table, sophistication and relaxation oozed through the entire area. The chairs went with the table perfectly with a neat wooden style. With adorable floral arrangements in pink, green and white, the theme was blended into everything together perfectly.

A delicious arrangement of sandwiches was laid-out for the guests to enjoy, each in a long row, making it easy to grab and go. They were adorned with beautiful sprigs of greenery to really make them pop. Fresh fruit juice was made for everyone to try, adding a bright color to the edibles.


Photography: Tessa Neustadt and Katie Edwards for Caravents
Venue: The Fig House
Design And Styling: Emily Henderson | Original Blog Post
Food: Room Forty Catering
Produced by: Target and Caravents

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Pink Sprinkle Baby Shower

For a personalized way to celebrate new life, Lauren from Lauren Haddox Design planned a Pink Sprinkle Baby Shower for her dear friend Caroline.  With this adorable theme, a whole miniature world of pink and polka-dots was created, just to spoil mom-to-be the way she deserved!

The dessert buffet was set-up marvelously, using an umbrella as a centerpiece that made a wonderful decoration.  With a neutral, cloth backdrop, each detail on the table really shined in a lovely and elegant manner.  The umbrella was white and had a ribbon draped around a perfectly adorable way.  With rain drops attached and a pink ribbon tied to the handle, this decoration was really one-of-a-kind. The front of the table was decorated as well with a fantastic banner of ribbons draped across beautifully.

Pink Sprinkle Baby Shower

Fantastic use of the floral arrangements was made by placing a unique bouquet on each side of the table.  An array of colors was distributed in each, giving it a bright flair that was very effective. One of the bouquets even had adorable little signs showcasing the baby shower in a cutsy manner.

The treats were fabulously done, in sweet shades of pink and white that looked incredible.  There were pink macaroons set on a tall white tray that looked ready to just eat right up.  Cookies shaped like rattles and umbrellas enhanced the theme remarkably. Those were set on pink jelly beans, offering a sweet look that really stood out.  The cupcakes were miniature works of art with gorgeous frosting flowers.

The cake was very yummy looking set on a tall white tray going right along with the umbrella above it perfectly.  Frosted in white, with adorable pink circles all over, it looked delicious and match the theme precisely.  A cute little flag banner was placed on it as well spelling out BABY in soft colors.

Credits –

Event Planning – Lauren Haddox Design

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Sweet Jelly Parties got to play a big part in bringing this April Showers Bring May Flowers themed baby shower to life. This fun-filled party had everything you could want in a Spring time celebration, ensuring a pleased mom-to-be.

The event was held outdoors, allowing the beautiful sunshine to shine down on the whole area, offering a bright lighthearted look. A gorgeous “Welcome Baby,” flag banner was displayed for everyone to see, introducing the party in a lovely show of soft pastel colors.


Directly above the adorable sign, little umbrellas were hung upside down, adding a fun touch that really accented the theme beautifully.  Gigantic white poms were created that hung from the ceiling of the venue area, really filling the room with a lovely, elegant style. Strings of colored raindrops were hung to, making the poms look like clouds that sprinkles were coming from.

Each decoration added a sweet touch to the party area, like a framed phrase “April Showers Bring May Flowers,” that was painted in a vibrant pink color that looked fabulous. Even the favor bags were part of the theme fun with pink polka dots and little tags that said “Thanks for Dropping By” that had adorable rain drops on them.

There were fantastic looking cupcakes on display on cute trays that looked like little flowers with fun sparkle frosting. There were even little florals displayed through the venue area in mason jars that looked very cute.

The beverage glasses were all filled up with a fun tag that said, “Rain Buckets.”  Even the straws were covered in fun with stripes and polka-dots and rain clouds on them.

Another delicious looking treat that was available for the guests to enjoy were Marshmallow clouds on sticks. Set in a box wrapped in blue, this treat conveyed the theme in a sweet looking manner.

Every part of this fun celebration embraced the theme in a sweet way.

Credit –

Event Styling – Sweet Jelly Parties
Photographer- Kourtney Moodie Photography
Cookies- Sunshine Bakes

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Spring Baby Sprinkle Shower

As a fantastic interior designer, Paige from Paiges of Styles, used her special eye for detail to create a wonderful one-in-a-lifetime event at this Spring Baby Sprinkle shower. With a blend of innovation and creativity, she created a cost-friendly party that any mom-to-be could enjoy.

Because the gender of the baby was going to be a surprise, for this event Paige wanted to use a variety of lovely colors that could go either way, but incorporated some pink in celebration of Mom, who the party was for, of course!

sprinkle baby shower dessert table decorations

One wonderful dessert that she created was a mini-pie in a mason jar. The pies had various yummy berries and the jars she chose were absolutely perfect for this shower. To personalize them she added neat little labels that guests were sure to love.

The party was indoors but with a fun display of sod, in which the various treats and decorations were placed on, nature was really a focal point of the event, bringing a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere to the forefront.

A favorite touch that I saw were these fantastic little cupcakes that were frosted in a delicate pink, the tiered tray they were on was superb. A vintage wonder, this tray was draped with clear jewels that really gave an elegant feel.

The cake was a unique work of art that really reflected the parties theme as four rainbow layers of delight. With frosting between each layer this cake was sure to taste as delicious as it looked. The tray it was set on was a soft green that embraced this spring time fun.

And what party is complete without a tray of perfectly stacked donuts? This pyramid was adorned in lovely flowers from Sweet Petal Bakery. They really made this tasty treat a fun work of art as well. With such attention to every detail, this party was a hit.

Credits –

Paiges of Style

Printables – Paiges of Style

Umbrella – amazon

Floral shower curtain – Target

Wafer Paper Flowers - Sweet Petal Bakery



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