Little Girl Pumpkin Baby Shower

With soft pink and white colors and pumpkins as a spotlight, Mindy of Get Creative Juice got to host a gorgeous and unique Little Girl Pumpkin Baby Shower to remember.

The dessert table for the shower was a real treat with all sorts of fun elements that brought the theme to life.  A sweet backdrop flag banner was used to display “Little Pumpkin” for everyone to see. It was surrounded with white curtains that matched the theme tones smoothly.  One neat twist about the flag banner other than the fun patterns were the strings themselves that were beaded for a textured effect.

little pumpkin baby shower for girl

The table had a wonderful vintage cloth laid out that made a soft setting for the tasty treats that were laid-out. For decorations several pumpkins were colored white and pink to match the theme and placed in different places on the table to draw attention.  Two were set on a large box, giving a dimensional look. The box was covered in white and had an adorable bright pink band around the center.  Each large pumpkin had a fun personalized ribbon on it to add to the excitement of the Pumpkin theme.  Another cute addition to the table was personalized, framed artwork welcoming the baby-to-be.

The food itself looked amazing with each treat matching the theme in tasty fashion.  A tiered tray held little mini sandwiches without crusts.  On top of the tray a cute little mini pumpkin stood out.  Chocolate covered pretzels called out from right up front on the table with a cute little personalized tag. The true centerpiece to the entire table however was the gorgeous cake.  Made to look like the top of a bright pink pumpkin, this cake was very detailed and stood on a lovely clear cake tray.

Credits –

Host – Mindy of Get Creative Juice

Little Pumpkin Printable

White chocolate pumpkins were inspired by Kori from paper & pigtails

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Baby It’s Cold Outside Baby Shower

Zelicious went to an all new level of style with this Baby it’s Cold Outside baby shower.  Using a blend of some wonderful colors, chocolate brown, light brown, and light blue, they created a sophisticated look that any mom-to-be was sure to love.

Because the baby was expected in winter time, this theme really embraced the timing to perfection with adorable cold details like snowflakes. Babys breath was used as well in the decorating to add that little chilly effect.

Baby It's Cold Outside Baby Shower ideas

The food was set up indoors, near a window that surrounded the table on two sides, allowing the patio and wildlife outside to naturally add to the decor.

One favorite bit of decor that brought this party a touch of style was a board that was stained and had “Baby it’s Cold Outside” spelled out with little snowflakes on it. The board was placed on an easel that sat right beside the dessert table, emphasizing the theme perfectly.

The dessert table was fantastically arranged from top to bottom in a sophisticated manner that made it easy to find all of the different treat options. The table was covered in a burlap cloth that made a neutral stage for the fun food and decor. In front of the table a flag banner with stars and various colors and patterns was hung, an adorable little bow adorned each side as a finishing touch.

On both sides of the table little white trees were placed in matching pots, and little baby socks were pinned on branches with clothespins, giving a unique look that really added to the theme in a lovely way. With the spread of baby’s breath in little clear vases and arrangement of various trays to hold the treats, the table had style in abundance. The two layer cake made a fabulous finishing touch with snowflakes and a glitzy topper.

Credits –

Event Planning, Desserts, labels – Zelicious (

Signage – Lyn

Cake topper – Glistening Occasions

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St Patrick’s Baby Shower – Little Shamrock

One of the most fun holidays of the year is right around the corner, and what better theme to give to an adorable baby shower than St. Patrick’s Day itself. Candles & Favors did just this and the event for the soon-to-be baby was full of bright hues of green, images of tiny leprechauns, and of course, lots of shamrocks.


Tinsel garland in sparkling green and gold lined the tables while a poster with the image of a baby leprechaun and two big, emerald puffs were hung up on the wall as a fantastic backdrop to the main event table. This table was full of yummy treats to celebrate the new bundle of joy, including savory sweets and delightful beverages.

In place of a baby shower cake was a big green pot of individually foil wrapped chocolate pieces of gold set high atop a corresponding green stand. In front of the pot of delicious candy was a classic green felt fedora with a gold band reading “St. Patrick’s Baby” around the rim.

Individually packaged shamrock sugar cookies lay out around the table, while elaborately frosted cupcakes in leprechaun wrappers were served on a beautiful Irish plate. Sodas were offered in crafty green old bottles with theme party labels and jade milkshakes were set up in classic milk bottles with green and white striped straws. Generous sized cups filled with sweet green pudding and topping of whipped cream sat atop white platters, giving the guests a filling and delectable dessert. Of course, the guests did not go home empty-handed, as St. Patrick’s Day themed favor boxes were filled with green and white puffy leis, and with a personalized message on the front welcoming the newborn reading, “Siobhan’s Baby Shower.” This baby shower was full of fun and plenty of old fashioned luck for the little shamrock on the way.

Credits – Candy & Favors | Shamrocks Labels, Boxes

Saint-Patricks-Baby-Shower-Little-Shamrock-is-on-the-way-favor-boxes StPatricks-Baby-Shower-Little-Shamrock-is-on-the-way-cookies StPatricks-Baby-Shower-Little-Shamrock-is-on-the-way-cupcakes St-Patricks-Baby-Shower-Little-Shamrock-is-on-the-way-decoration-ideas St-Patricks-Baby-Shower-Little-Shamrock-is-on-the-way-dessert-table St-Patricks-Baby-Shower-Little-Shamrock-is-on-the-way-drinking-jars-with-labels St-Patricks-Baby-Shower-Little-Shamrock-is-on-the-way-drinks-with-cute-labels St-Patricks-Baby-Shower-Little-Shamrock-is-on-the-way-hat St-Patricks-Baby-Shower-Little-Shamrock-is-on-the-way-hat-cutouts St-Patricks-Baby-Shower-Little-Shamrock-is-on-the-way-hat-sugar-cookies St-Patricks-Baby-Shower-Little-Shamrock-is-on-the-way-treats



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Fabulous Christmas Baby Shower

Wintertime parties are some of the most glamorous with their bright colors and festive decor options and this Fabulous Christmas Themed Baby Shower is no exception. With an eye for detail and brilliant creative decorations, Laure from La Vie Simple put together an event to remember, and Instants Captures captured the lovely photographs.


Using a fantastic snowman diaper cake as the centerpiece of the decor for the baby shower, wonderful red and white colors were used to make a holiday splash for this sweet shower. Surrounding the snowman on the table were gorgeous silver tree branches that added a lovely touch with little additions like tiny red apples.

The cupcake stand was a tiered wonder with a vintage style that looked beautiful with the red ribbon and little personalized labels. The cupcakes themselves looked scrumptious with cute snowflakes and ribbons that made them unique.

One adorable decoration was the snowflake candle holders. They offered a touch of the wintery theme while holding tasty little treats for the guests to enjoy.

Candy jars were spread in perfection across the table and decorated with peppermint style ribbons and labels, that really emphasized their Christmas vibe. And no Christmas Baby Shower would be complete without mini-gingerbread men, they were laid out with yummy looking chocolates and cute mushrooms for a touch of red that stood out brightly.

With a cascade of lovely ornaments throughout the venue area and lovely tins for the trays of treats to stand on, the party had a touch of color shone remarkably through the entire room. The personalized labels created for the snacks were festive and cute with snowflakes and curves that made it simple to see what was available for everyone to nibble on.  This event certainly brought the holiday spirit, with a celebration that embraced a new life with festive feeling that was sure to impress.

diaper-cake-santachristmas-tree-dessert-centerpiece fabulous-christmas-themed-baby-shower-candy fabulous-christmas-themed-baby-shower-cupcakes fabulous-christmas-themed-baby-shower-decor fabulous-christmas-themed-baby-shower-decoration fabulous-christmas-themed-baby-shower-favors snowman-diaper-cake-fabulous-christmas-themed-baby-shower


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Retro Valentine’s Day Party

What better way to celebrate the universal day of love than to throw a fun party fit for all ages? Anders Ruff Custom Designs | Shop did just this with a Retro Valentine’s Day party themed in a sweet shoppe setting. This event was a bright and cheerful, with a spectacular array of all things Valentine’s Day, including sweet treats and detailed décor.

cupcake sweet cookies valentines

The main event table was a sight to see, with a pale pink backdrop and a scalloped overhang in the classic sweet shoppe look of red and white stripes.  The table itself was draped with a thick, pink table cloth and a garland sign hanging on the front that read, “Sweet Love”. In the center of the table was the true star amidst the huge selection of delectable Valentine’s Day treats—the cake. A cake in the shape of a gigantic cupcake was an amazing centerpiece for the event table, displayed on a two-tiered, red cake stand, and with a heart cake topper. Every platter and serving dish on the main table was in the same matching, glossy red tone as the cake stand, which really made the sweet shoppe theme pop. In front of the cake were a handful of different pink and red treats in old-timey sweet shoppe float glasses with sugar cookies in the shape of vibrant ice cream cones and miniature hearts reading “XO”.

Other amazing and elaborate sweets on the event table included actual ice cream in cones, topped with heart sprinkles and nestled in a serving tray full of pink and white candies. Milkshake floats with layers of pinks and reds were topped with whipped cream and decorated with sparkling Valentine’s Day candies. There were also bowls of yummy chocolate in personalized wrappers for the special occasion, and even a gorgeous selection of colorful and exquisitely detailed cake pops.

Credit – Anders Ruff Custom Designs | Shop

cake decor drinks red drink Retro Valentine's Day Party decor Retro Valentine's Day Party ideas Retro Valentine's Day Party invitation Retro Valentine's Day Party sweetsRetro Valentine's Day Party treats