Sophisticated Swan Lake Baby Shower

With Fabiane in charge, this Sophisticated Swan Lake Baby Shower turned into a phenomenal way to celebrate a special mom.  With a bright, large room for the venue, all the white and black decor of this fabulous theme stood out beautifully.

A backdrop of white striped fabric gave a lovely effect for the hanging ballerinas in front of it. A large white table made a perfect buffet area for the guests to grab their desserts from.  

Every dessert had an elegant and pristine detailing to it that introduce the theme with tasty delight. Some unique bits of decor added to the table that made it absolutely superb included fantastic mini white chairs, set at the front and center of the table, each one holding a delightful little treat. Cakepops frosted in white had tiny little black bows as a finishing touch. Sugar cookies were detailed with ballet dresses and swans in frosting.  Decadent miniature chocolate cupcakes had little macarons for a topper, creating a fantastic dessert to enjoy.

At the back of the table, elegant bouquets of white blooms made a wonderful floral addition to the decor. Stands wrapped in black and white ornately detailed packaging gave a graceful look to to the table while providing a sturdy place to hold treats.

The cake was a stunning introduction to the Swan Lake theme at this party with a tiered construction that drew the eye with ease. One layer frosted in black and one in white created a sophisticated look.  A large white flower made a beautiful finishing touch at the top of the cake.

Adorable little white and black bags were placed in a pile containing little thank you gifts for the guests. Each was tied with a lovely black and sheer ribbon making an exquisite little present for the guests to enjoy.

sophisticated-swan-lake-baby-shower-cake sophisticated-swan-lake-baby-shower-cookies sophisticated-swan-lake-baby-shower-cupcakes sophisticated-swan-lake-baby-shower-desserts sophisticated-swan-lake-baby-shower-dessert-table sophisticated-swan-lake-baby-shower-dress-decor sophisticated-swan-lake-baby-shower-flower-topper sophisticated-swan-lake-baby-shower-gift-bags sophisticated-swan-lake-baby-shower-mini-cupcakes sophisticated-swan-lake-baby-shower-mini-pillows sophisticated-swan-lake-baby-shower-onesie sophisticated-swan-lake-baby-shower-swan-cookies sophisticated-swan-lake-baby-shower-tiered-cake sophisticated-swan-lake-baby-shower-treats sophisticated-swan-lake-baby-shower-tutu-decor

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Pink Tutu Princess Shower


This lovely, Pink Tutu Princess Shower was easy to fall in love with, containing all sorts of cute little details to celebrate new life. With the skill of Sidney Marie Designs, the design of this venue was stunning.

A gorgeous dessert buffet was set against a lavish background, showcasing the baby’s name in massive purple letters right in the center. Overlapping layers of pink fabric had a curtain like look and at each corner wonderfully crafted flowers drew the eye.

The table was wrapped in pink tulle, creating a tutu effect. The top of the table had a layer of white, creating a soft stage for all of the snacks to stand out on.  Trays in silver with mirrored tops made an elegant addition to the look. Candies in pink and purple were arranged delightfully in glass holders of various sizes, offering a full look at the table. A magnificent row of flowers were adorned with a silver crown, accenting the large letters of the baby beautifully. Cupcakes were frosted in both pink and purple, creating a fun and unique treat for the guests to indulge on.  A gorgeous cake was layered in deep purple, pink and white and topped with a tiny tiara.

A special table was arranged for the mom-to-be with a lovely white chair lined with soft pillows for extra comfort.  With a row of candles at varying levels and little castles on each end of the table, it was easy to see what the theme at this adorable event was. A miniature bouquet of pink and peach flowers were enhanced with a pink crown at the top and they were set at the center of the table. With a strand of purple tulle draped across the front of this table, it was definitely fit for a queen.

pink-tutu-princess-shower-cake pink-tutu-princess-shower-desserts pink-tutu-princess-shower-flowers pink-tutu-princess-shower-guest-book pink-tutu-princess-shower-photo-frame pink-tutu-princess-shower-pink-candies pink-tutu-princess-shower-treat-table pink-tutu-princess-shower-tutu-centerpiece pink-tutu-princess-shower-vip-table pink-tutu-princess-shower-wrapped-candies

Credits –

Sidney Marie Designs


Cozy Pink Baby Shower Soiree


Susan and Donna from Fabulous Fetes designed this adorable Cozy Pink Baby Shower Soiree for her best friend’s niece.  With a set idea of using lots of pink and whimsical decor, this fantastic theme came together brilliantly.

The party started right at the front door, making it easy for the guests to see right where to go.  A lovely arrangement of bold and soft pink tulle was draped around the doorway, offering an elegant look.  To make this section even more welcoming, a special table was set up with delicious sparkling pink champagne for the guests to enjoy.  Each glass was adorned with a cute little paper butterfly too, offering a touch of whimsy. The table used for the glasses had a light pink cover as well as a sweet little welcome note in a fantastic silver frame and a lovely jar of pink roses.

Upon entering the venue, giant pink and white poms as well as doorways draped with more lovely tulle fabric led the guests right to the desired party area. The treat table was massive and round, so wrapping it in tulle to create a ballet skirt look was a perfect idea.  At the center of the table, a tiered tray held yummy cupcakes for everyone to try out too.

A wonderful display used at this party also doubled as  usable gift for baby-to-be.  2 layers of pink clothesline held 12 onesies, each decorated beautifully, providing a whole year for the little one. In front of them, tulle was used to add to the decor beautifully.

As a twist on the traditional “Don’t say baby” game, each guest was pinned with a lovely silk flower that was given away if they said the world baby throughout the party time. Whoever ended with the most flowers won the game.  The party favors were homemade brown sugar scrubs in adorable little jars.

cozy-pink-baby-shower-soiree-butterflies cozy-pink-baby-shower-soiree-butterfly-tree cozy-pink-baby-shower-soiree-doorway cozy-pink-baby-shower-soiree-feather-boa-i cozy-pink-baby-shower-soiree-framed-art cozy-pink-baby-shower-soiree-guest-gift-sugar-scrub cozy-pink-baby-shower-soiree-onsies cozy-pink-baby-shower-soiree-pink-champagne cozy-pink-baby-shower-soiree-silk-flowers cozy-pink-baby-shower-soiree-treat-table

Credits –

Design/Planning – Susan and Donna from Fabulous Fetes

Photography – Melanie Knopke


Glamorous Baby Love Shower


With the innovative skills of ADAL Kreation, this Glamorous Baby Love Shower was a perfect blend of bold color and soft decor. Using black and gold to add contrast to the light pink and white colors, the ambiance at this event was pure elegance.

The dessert table was laid out in stunning fashion with a simple backdrop on a white paneled wall. Pink and white fabric was used to create a curtain effect and the words, “baby love” were placed artfully in the center. A fabulous pink cover layered in golden circles made a sweet base for the goodies on top. On each side of the table at the back large black vases were filled to the brim with pastel blooms.

The desserts were quite decadent, rice krispy treats were frosted in pink and ornately detailed in gold and accented with tiny black bows. Placed on white trays, they had an elegant and delicious look. Lovely white plates held cookies decorated in various shapes from mirrors to tiny dresses. Cake pops had a simple and lovely look frosted in white with adorable black bows and golden sticks. Tasty cupcakes were set in golden wraps on a tiered tray.

Tall pink candles added a sweet, soft lighting to the table too. They stood on each side of the three layer cake, making a lovely accent. The cake was marvelously decorated in pink, gold, black and white details. It was placed on a tall cake tray, making it a fantastic centerpiece to the dessert table.

A wonderful and unique decoration added to the table included hat boxes on each end of the table in black and white. On top of them tiny clear chairs held tasty treats, giving a neat effect. At the front of the table an adorable carriage advertised the theme sweetly.

glamourous-baby-love-shower-cake glamourous-baby-love-shower-cakepop glamourous-baby-love-shower-carriage glamourous-baby-love-shower-chair-decorations glamourous-baby-love-shower-cupcakes glamourous-baby-love-shower-dessert-table glamourous-baby-love-shower-elephant-decor glamourous-baby-love-shower-gold-cover glamourous-baby-love-shower-layered-cake glamourous-baby-love-shower-rice-krispy-treats glamourous-baby-love-shower-sign glamourous-baby-love-shower-sugar-cookies glamourous-baby-love-shower-treat-table glamourous-baby-love-shower-tutu glamourous-baby-love-shower-white-cakepops glamourous-baby-love-shower-zoo-sign

Credits –

Cake, RKT & Cheesecake shotter: Geidy Vilomar

Ruiz Cookies & Cake pops:  @Madgelinescakes

Wooden Backdrop by Ten23 Designs Flowers: @huntspointsflowers

Custom sprinkle: Oh you’re so fancy

Event design and stylist, name plaque, centerpieces: ADAL Kreation/Danisa Betances


Glamorous Unicorn Baby Shower


The golden hues of this Glamorous Unicorn Baby Shower gave the room an elegant and fun look that is quite memorable. With Time2Partay behind the wheel, this event had a professional styling that was quite fantastic.

Utilizing a lovely massive window space with sheer curtains, a rainbow of streamers were hung looking very adorable lit up with the sunlight. In front of the streamers sweet, golden unicorns, onesies and stars hung fashionably. A huge golden frame stood at the back of the table, acting as a perfect centerpiece displaying printed art that introduced the theme spectacularly.  On each side of the table columns of pink balloons drew the eye. In front of them vintage styled lanterns in cream held candles, adding a cozy touch to the table.  

The dessert table was covered in a wonderful, shimmering golden cover giving a glitzy vibe.  The sweet little one’s name was spelled out in wooden letters at the front of the table adorned with an adorable little flower.

The edibles all had sweet pastels incorporated that matched the theme tones perfectly.  Sugar cookies shaped into onesies and bottles stood beside more sugar cookies shaped into the baby’s name.

For a unique addition to the treats, cupcakes were frosted in lots of different colors and a some had cones turned upside down over them, creating a tasty and adorable treat for guests to enjoy.

The beverages fit nicely on the table on each end, set on a tall stand allowing for easy access. With different drinks offered, everyone was sure to find a tasty option.

Sweet thank you gifts were placed in pink bags with personalized labels to take home after the party.  The celebratory cake was very cute with two layers frosted in pink and a unicorn and rainbow perfectly added to it.

glamorous-unicorn-baby-shower-beverages glamorous-unicorn-baby-shower-cake glamorous-unicorn-baby-shower-candle-decor glamorous-unicorn-baby-shower-cupcakes glamorous-unicorn-baby-shower-edibles glamorous-unicorn-baby-shower-framed-art glamorous-unicorn-baby-shower-letter-cookies glamorous-unicorn-baby-shower-letters glamorous-unicorn-baby-shower-printed-art glamorous-unicorn-baby-shower-sugar-cookies glamorous-unicorn-baby-shower-tower-cookies glamorous-unicorn-baby-shower-treat-table

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