Pretty Pink And Gold Baby Shower


Bella’s Design masterminded this fantastic, Pretty Pink And Gold Baby Shower. The attention to detail was pure perfection with decorations that filled the space from top to bottom. To make this party pop, shimmering gold was incorporated with soft pink tones that gave an elegant and lovely effect. 

The dessert table was exquisite with all sorts of fun decorations to reflect what the celebration was all about.  A backdrop was created with massive paper flowers that filled the space beautifully, advertising the treats in fabulous fashion.  To each side tall towers of balloons in varying shapes and tones that matched the theme added dimension to the decor. 

To really emphasize the party theme, a large teddybear was expertly placed at the front of the table, leaning up against massive blocks that were stacked to spell out, “Baby,” in gold lettering.  Right beside them, on the corner of the dessert table an adorable framed bit of personalized art was set on a lovely tray for the guests to check out. 

The back of the table had round, pink, flower bouquets that stood tall with strands of jewels hanging down in elegance.  Candies in clear jars added bright color and a couple even had pink ribbons wrapped around them. 

The front of the table featured a tower of small alphabet blocks with a fantastic golden bottle at the top. Little candles were placed on each side to add soft lighting. 

Each dessert went with the theme very sweetly from the cake pops with shimmering gold to the delightful tray of gummy worms displayed at the front of the table.  The cake was a vision in layers with, “Welcome,” written in white around the top layer.  It had frosting that went from the soft white to a deep pink at the bottom. The miniature crown at the top made a perfect finishing touch.

pretty-pink-and-gold-baby-shower-cakepops pretty-pink-and-gold-baby-shower-desserts pretty-pink-and-gold-baby-shower-flower-bouquets pretty-pink-and-gold-baby-shower-giant-teddybear pretty-pink-and-gold-baby-shower-gummy-worms
pretty-pink-and-gold-baby-shower-layered-cake pretty-pink-and-gold-baby-shower-letter-blocks pretty-pink-and-gold-baby-shower-paper-flowers pretty-pink-and-gold-baby-shower-shimmering-sweet-station pretty-pink-and-gold-baby-shower-sweet-station pretty-pink-and-gold-baby-shower-treats pretty-pink-and-gold-baby-shower-tulle-table-cover


Planning/design – Bella’s Design, instagram: bellas_design


Beautiful Ballerina Baby Shower

This Beautiful Ballerina Baby Shower was designed by Bee-unike Events. With an elegant approach, each details of this exquisite event was sure to be remembered. The venue was quite large too, accommodating the guests easily. 

Using round tables, everyone fit comfortably and could visit with each other smoothly. The tables were each done in a pattern with pink and white alternating covers, which created a soft and sophisticated look throughout the room. All of the chairs were fashionably covered in white with adorable pink bands around them. For centerpieces, gorgeous metal wire mannequins sported tutus with a table number displayed beside them. 

The dessert station was a vision with layers of sheer fabric in varying shades from white to dark pink arranged in a canopy fashion to draw attention. Small, textured throw rugs added color and fun to the look too.  As a backdrop, a fantastic frame was artfully designed with a shimmering baby, ballerina silhouette which advertised the theme very sweetly. 

This treat table was stunning with shimmering pink fabric as a base, in layers for a soft effect. Tall, slim flower bouquets added a natural touch and the varying shades of pink and white blooms blended beautifully with the theme. On each side of the tower cupcake trees made it easy for guests to grab and go. The cupcakes were adorably frosted in pink with sweet dress toppers.  Cakepops detailed to look like ballet slippers matched the theme to perfection and they even had silver swivel sticks. There were also tasty sugar cookies shaped into ballet slippers for everyone to enjoy. The cake was a sweet delight with layers detailed in pink and white. It was topped with a pair of tiny ballet slippers, making it a perfect centerpiece to this tasty table. 

beautiful-ballerina-baby-shower-cake beautiful-ballerina-baby-shower-cookies beautiful-ballerina-baby-shower-cupcakes beautiful-ballerina-baby-shower-desserts beautiful-ballerina-baby-shower-flower-bouquet beautiful-ballerina-baby-shower-flowers-candles beautiful-ballerina-baby-shower-guest-seating beautiful-ballerina-baby-shower-pink-decorations beautiful-ballerina-baby-shower-silhouette-mirrored-frame beautiful-ballerina-baby-shower-sugar-cookies beautiful-ballerina-baby-shower-table-decor beautiful-ballerina-baby-shower-tutu-mannequin beautiful-ballerina-baby-shower-vip-chair


Planning/design - Bee-unike Events


Charming Carousel Baby Shower

Charming Carousel Birthday Party

With the expert skills of Aura Decorations, this Charming Carousel Birthday Party was purely delightful.  A mix of soft pastel colors created an elegant scene that was sure to impress the guests at this special event. Smooth fonts and gorgeous flowers also made perfect additions to the decor.

The dessert station at this party was stunning from top to bottom.  It was set in front of a large window space that was covered with sheer pastel fabrics to offer gentle lighting that blended with the sweet theme perfectly.  A strand of gorgeous flower garland stretched overhead, giving a natural look to the dessert area. A backdrop featuring a massive carousel introduced this adorable, classic theme brilliantly.

The table itself was gorgeous, the entire front was decorated in personalized art that spelled out, “Baby Girl” in an elegant, golden font. Each dessert was intricately detailed to enhance the theme perfectly.  Candied apples were covered in pink, with little blue flowers and golden accents. Cakepops matched smoothly as well with golden sticks that looked like they just came off a carousel.  The celebratory cake itself was a charming delight with layers shaped to look just like a carousel. It was frosted in a perfect blend of gold, pink and white. Flowers on the side added a soft touch while the bottom was detailed in edible pearl detailing. Set on a golden tray, this cake was a wonderful centerpiece to this table.

The guest tables were round ensuring that guests could visit with each other easily. To match the theme each one had a soft pink cover and blue napkins. The chairs had padded covers for extra comfort. With oversized bouquets of colorful flowers for the centerpieces, each table was quite elegant. Golden frame art made a lovely finishing touch to the centerpieces too.


Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Backdrop Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Cake

Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Floral-Bouquet Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Flowers Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Garland Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Guest-Table Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Oversized-Chair Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Sweets Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Treats Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Treat-Table Charming-Carousel-Birthday-Party-Vintage-Pot


Aura Decorations


Floral Pink Baby Shower


This Floral-Pink-Baby-Shower featured all sorts of glamorous elements, making it a sweet and sophisticated event for a special mom-to-be. With the planning expertise of Bella, every detail of this party was exquisite.

To draw attention to the gorgeous dessert table, massive blocks in gold lettering spelled out, “Baby,” to one side with an adorable stuffed teddybear leaning on them. The backdrop to the table was beautifully done, oversized paper flowers in various shades of pink hung delightfully while balloons in a towering bouquet floated on each side.

The table itself was stunning with a lovely shimmering gold tablecloth accented by cute layers of pink tulle at the very front. Adorable decorations used to add to the theme included a little stuffed bear that sat at the back of the table with a little bear smile, beautiful displays of flowers on each side and some fantastic framed, customized art.

The treats for the dessert table were yummy looking with perfect details that matched the soft pink theme beautifully. Cakepops looked almost too good to eat with various types of coating from a golden shimmer to pretty pink and white patterns. Each had a gold or gold and white swirly stick for easy grabbing too.  At the front of the table tasty gummy worms and other candies were laid out on a golden tray, inviting guests to feed their sweet tooth.

The cake for the party was divine, featuring a light pink top that got darker going down to the tray.  A rosette styled texture created an elegant look and a crown at the top was a perfect addition. It had, “Welcome,” spelled out on the top layer so everyone would know for sure what this celebration was all about. On each side of this cake rock candy on sticks stood tall in mason jars.






Planning/decor – Bella, instagram: bellas_design


Pretty Pink Ballerina Baby Shower


This sweet Pretty Pink Ballerina Baby Shower was fashionably created by Bee Unike Events. To emphasize the ballet vibe of this theme, lots of sheer and pink fabric was used to put together a lovely, elegant dessert station. With a canopy design, the dessert area was staged beautifully, while providing plenty of space for the guests to get to the table for snacks as needed.

Luxurious white and pink carpets made a wonderful platform for the dessert table too, inviting everyone to relax and enjoy the sweet celebration of life. The table was covered in shimmering pink, layered to give a curtained appearance at the front too. An adorable backdrop with a framed silver silhouette in a tutu offered a fantastic introduction to this party.

The treats were absolutely adorable, all decorated perfectly in varying shades of pink and white.  Cake pops were frosted to look like the ribbons on ballet slippers and had silver sticks for easy grabbing. They were set on a lovely silver tray with hanging jewels to add to the elegance of this ballerina theme.  Cupcakes had adorable pink slipper toppers and were set on cupcake tree stands with dangling jewels as well. They were set at the back of the table, adding dimension.  Sugar cookies in assorted shapes made a delightful addition to the table too, some were even done as ballet slippers to blend with the theme perfectly.  A sleek three layer cake made a tasty looking centerpiece to the table too, frosted beautifully in pink and white with silver accents and cute baby slippers on the top.

Guest seating was absolutely lavish with tables covered in pink or silver  and chairs wrapped in white with pink ribbons. Tutu’d mannequins stood out in adorable fashion as centerpieces for the tables and the place settins in silver added a sophisticated touch.

pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-cake pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-cookies-shoe pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-cupcake-tower pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-dessert-table pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-flower-bouquet pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-framed-art pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-gold-vase pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-guest-tables pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-sugar-cookies pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-textured-tablecloth pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-treat-table-top pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-tutu pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-white-chair


Bee Unike Events