What Will it Bee Baby Shower

Hosted by Leigh of  Your Home Based Mom, this What will it Bee baby shower was a beautifully detailed gathering that was sure to be remembered! This classic theme offers an opportunity to celebrate baby-to-be no matter which gender they are using bright yellow, black and white colors.


A lovely backdrop set the tone for this party with an ornate black and white detailing that made a nice accent for the adorable decorations on top of it.  Large black, white and yellow paper fans added a bright touch to it and cute flag banners spelled out “What will it be” in a fantastic array of patterns and colors, giving an eclectic vibe to the look.

Set behind the food table, this backdrop drew the eye without creating bulk at the buffet.  The table had a simple white cloth that ensured all the colors of the fun foods and decorations placed on top were easy to see.  Diy personalized labels were created for each item, so guests would know what they were trying out, they even had adorable little holders to allow them to stand up stylishly. Keeping with the bee theme, delicious sweet honey bread sat at the front of the table in a luxurious loaf style.  Beside it, lemon bars filled a large plate along with salad and other tasty edibles.  A wonderful hive style dispenser held lemonade for the guests to enjoy, set on a tall tray at the back of the table. To hit the sweet spot, yummy lemon cupcakes with hive shaped frosting on top with labels for added effect.

To make the party even more fun, a board was setup to let guests vote on what gender they thought the little one was going to be.  They could choose a bow for girl or mustache for boy.

Credits – Leigh of yourhomebasedmom

cast-your-vote-gender-reveal-party what-will-it-bee-baby-shower what-will-it-bee-baby-shower-cupcakes sweet-as-can-bee-cupcakes-desserts what-will-it-bee-baby-shower-citrus-honey-dressing-salad what-will-it-bee-baby-shower-labels what-will-it-bee-baby-shower-lemon-bites what-will-it-bee-baby-shower what-will-it-bee-baby-shower-main-table what-will-it-bee-baby-shower-treats what-will-it-bee-baby-shower


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Vintage Victorian Baby Shower

Breaking from traditional baby showers, this Vintage Victorian Baby Shower had a variety of lovely elements that made it unique and sweet. The mom-to-be was lucky enough to be expecting twins and wanted a fresh theme that would stand out from the crowd and party expert Mallory of The French Confection Co. created a stunning party for sure.

vintage baby carriage decoration

It was designed as a gender reveal party and since it had non-traditional colors for the theme there was definitely no giving away the secret until the special unveiling moment. Using the Haunted Mansion as inspiration, the venue was set up to have a magical and vintage style that looked fantastic. Tarnished gold and silver pieces were distributed throughout the area, creating a classic feel. Books and candle sticks were also used to create the vintage feeling, blending smoothly with the gold, silver, black, white, and cream colors. Some of the unique additions to the decor included a fantastic vintage pram that was filled up with lovely flowers, giving sweet effect. Another touch was a child’s rocking chair that gave a bit of a fun, creepy element.

The dessert table was a vision of gothic beauty with all of the theme colors blended to perfection throughout the entire area. The backdrop was an interesting arrangement of vintage lace that set the tone for the entire room.  Candles hung in the center accenting a bold, black empty frame.  The table was draped with a lace color that added a touch of brightness.  With two gorgeously decorated cakes to choose from, guests were sure to leave full and happy.  A wonderful looking treat made for this occasion were chocolate and caramel covered apples that had brilliant detailing that stood front and center at the table.

Full list of Credits/ Vendors below the photos:

Vintage Victorian Baby Shower table setting Vintage Victorian Baby Shower cake in blush Vintage Victorian Baby Shower cake Vintage Victorian Baby Shower cast your vote, boy or girl Vintage Victorian Baby Shower dessert table - cookies Vintage Victorian Baby Shower dessert table treats Vintage Victorian Baby Shower floral, centerpiece Vintage Victorian Baby Shower game Vintage Victorian Baby Shower gender reveal Vintage Victorian Baby Shower ideas Vintage Victorian Baby Shower invitations, favor boxes Vintage Victorian Baby Shower sign Vintage Victorian Baby Shower, blessed with twins

Credits –

Cakes, Desserts, Concept, Styling: The French Confection Co. / @thefrenchconfectionco

Photography: Silence of the Lens Photography / @silenceofthelens

Cake stands, compotes: Minted and Vintage / @mintedandvintage

Vintage couch, coffee table, patina arbor, black & gold side table: Circa Vintage Rentals /@circarentals

Graphic Design, printables: World Wide Party / @worldwideparty

Dining chairs, arm chairs, side table, vintage books: Sweet Salvage Rentals / @sweetsalvagerentals

Invitation printing: Polydot Printing / @polydotprinting

Gold candelabra, lace overlay, baby carriage, kids rocking chair: Sweet Jelly Parties / @sweetjellyparties

Florals: Love Anne Joy Design & Events / @loveannejoy

Place settings, tableware, brass/tarnished silver pieces: Borrowed Blu / @borrowedblu

– Chocolate and caramel apples: Sugar Studio / @sugarstudio31

– Fabric, tassel garland: A Petite Soiree

– Chocolate covered Oreos: Bella’s Bakery & Bowtique / @bellabakery

– Small gold apple pedestals: The Glitter Shoppe / @theglittershop


Little Man or Little Lady Gender Reveal Party

5M Creations took this Gender Reveal Baby Shower to a whole new level of fun with their eye for detail and adorable personal touches.  Using classic pink and blue tones to decorate, the room had a cozy and elegant color palette that was sure to be enjoyed.

Little Man or Little Lady Gender Reveal party food ideas, dessert table

A wonderful snack table was set-up with a divided look, giving everyone a clear idea that this was a reveal event.  With a blue curtain and pink curtain backdrop, the girl and boy sides were easy to see.  A cute Little Man or Little Lady sign was hung right in the center with a bow and ribbon, adding to the effect brilliantly.

Large bouquets of polka dot balloons were placed on each side of the table, adding to the dimensional look. A smooth creme cover set the stage for the lovely treats that were placed perfectly on top of the table.  A pink and blue bucket on opposite sides was filled with chocolate covered pretzels, blending with the theme appropriately.  Cupcakes were placed on tiered trays on each side with pink and blue cups, ensuring the dividing style would stand out. Bold pink chocolate covered pretzels made a tasty addition to the snack choices, as well as macarons and chocolate covered marshmallows.

The center of the table was a truly unique idea that made a wonderful addition to the whole layout.  A copy of baby’s ultrasound was framed and stood front and center for everyone to see and directly behind it a fantastic box with blue and pink had sticks with personalized art tops showing a bow tie on one and a ribbon on the other.  At the very front of the table for a fantastic finishing touch, a sweet sign was hung that said “boy or girl”, each letter was adorably attached to the next with ribbon.

Credits –

Design/Planning – 5M Creations | ETSY

Gender Reveal Printable – 5M Creations


Little Man or Little Lady Gender Reveal blue food ideas Little Man or Little Lady Gender Reveal cast your vote Little Man or Little Lady Gender Reveal centerpiece Little Man or Little Lady Gender Reveal drink station with pink and blue custom labels Little Man or Little Lady Gender Reveal drinks custom labels Little Man or Little Lady Gender Reveal flower Little Man or Little Lady Gender Reveal food, snacks, treats Little Man or Little Lady Gender Reveal gender prediction game Little Man or Little Lady Gender Reveal party ideas Little Man or Little Lady Gender Reveal pink food ideas Little Man or Little Lady Gender Reveal pink or blue Little Man or Little Lady Gender Reveal table setting for blue and pink bows Little Man or Little Lady Gender Reveal, pink food ideas Little Man or Little Lady Gender RevealLittle Man or Little Lady Gender Reveal box Little Man or Little Lady Gender Reveal balloon reveal box

Outdoor Glam Gender Reveal Party

When Cigall, founder of Mazelmoments found out that she was expecting, she and her husband decided that the ultimate way to celebrate baby’s entrance was to have an outdoor Glam Gender Reveal party.  This wonderful idea allowed for a glitzy and elegant way to show the parents how special they and baby are, through fun colors and delicious treats.

With the help of Florie Huppert Designs, Cigall’s event planner, this party was a unique and memorable way to bring friends and family together.


The dessert table was a fantastic monument of glamor, covered top to bottom in bold design and a sophisticated spread of tasty snacks.

A bold blue cloth was used as a backdrop, ensuring that the white and silver of the centerpiece got the attention it deserved. The table was covered in a shimmery silver delight that emphasized the glam part of the theme perfectly. Instead of the cake acting as the centerpiece which is standard at most showers, this one had a one-of-a-kind crafted tree painted in silver and white that glittered brightly.  With gorgeous flowers in tiny bulbs hanging off the tree, it had a bright touch of color that really shone.

The cake was set in a corner, and looked beautiful.  Set on a small white tray, the circular treat was frosted in white and covered in adorable polka-dots and had a shimmery bow on top making it look like a tasty present indeed. Two bowls with pink, and blue candies were set on each side to add the gender mix-up into the theme and bright pink and blue rock candy finished the accenting, looking just as tasty.

With a smooth blend of colors, glitter, and deliciousness, this party had everything that a gender reveal needs for hours of fun.

Credits –

Event Producer: Cigall Goldman & Sheryl Daboosh, Mazelmoments

Event Planner: Florie Huppert Designs

Photographer: Susan Zigman

creative-baby-shower-banner-decoration creative-baby-shower-banner-decorations Outdoor Glam Gender Reveal Party - Baby Shower Ideas - Themes Glam Gender Reveal baby shower dessert table Glam Gender Reveal table setting Glam Gender Reveal glam-gender-reveal=baby-shower-game-ideas glam-baby-shower-game-ideas-1 glam-baby-shower-game-ideas-2 Glam-Gender-Reveal Glam-Gender-Reveal-he-or-she glamour cake


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What Will It Bee? Gender Reveal

Alexis from Sugar Sweet took this Gender Reveal Baby Shower buffet to a whole new level of fun when deciding to use a fantastic grey chevron pattern.  This look created a soft and gender neutral way to celebrate the baby-to-be without giving out the special surprise of what mom-to-be was expecting.


The backdrop utilized for this event was a vision, a large, gorgeous chevron patterned wonder displayed with perfection. With “Boy or Girl What will it be?” centered right on the backdrop, everyone could easily tell that this baby shower would be one of a kind. For an adorable touch, a mustache and bow were used to add a little dramatic accent to the phrasing.

The table was set up with an elegant, minimalist style that made it easy for everyone to find what they would like to munch on.  Using an array of white dishes to hold the goodies, the table looked tasteful, while the adorable texture polka dots on them gave a beautiful bit of excitement to the styling.

The treats created, blended with the theme colors fantastically, blues and pinks really made the table pop with color. Delicious lemon meringue tarts were created, looking decadent. With macaroons, coconut ice and cake pops, there was a treat for everyone to enjoy. Each snack was labelled with a gorgeous tag that displayed the chevron pattern with pink and blue font colors, ensuring that the theme moved smoothly throughout the table.

The cake was a fantastic centerpiece for the table on a lovely stand, ensuring it could be easily seen. It was formed in a tall circle and covered with white, so the blocks on top and cute lettering would stand out remarkably.  There was even an adorable silver bow around the bottom. The cake itself was a bold blue color that the guests could be impressed by.

Credits –

Styling, backdrop, printables, cakepops – Sugar Sweet

Lemon meringue tarts, macarons, coconut ice, meringues – Velvetier

Cake – Baker’s Magic

What Will It Bee Gender Reveal wrappers mustache or bowtie, pink or bluebaby-cake cake-pops- drink-menu gender reveal dessert table and backdrop of boy or girl What Will It Bee Gender Reveal dessert table What Will It Bee Gender Reveal food ideas What Will It Bee Gender Reveal lemon tarts What Will It Bee Gender Reveal merinques in pink


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