Luscious Blue And Gold Shower


This Luscious Blue And Gold Shower was prepared with the super styling skills of Sweet Event Styling by Thanh.  The venue chosen had a fantastic contemporary style that complemented the soft details of this adorable theme perfectly. A brick wall made a perfect background to the blue and white tones of the decorations. With gold incorporated throughout, the venue had a sophisticated vibe too.  

To one side of the dessert table a teepee was created in white and set on top of a soft white rug.  Inside the teepee a fun arrangement of blue and white pillows invited guests to stop in for a rest. Outside of the teepee a fantastic white stool sat too, covered in a wonderful fluffy material.

The treat table was stunning with massive displays of balloons on top and bottom.  Blue balloons filled the top of the backdrop in various sizes, creating depth that would definitely draw interest. The balloons at the bottom were all in white with a fun range of sizes too. Throughout the dessert table various types of blooms were incorporated, giving a delightful natural look to the decor.  

One favorite treat made for this party was a tree filled with chocolate covered strawberries with white flower blooms too.  Frosted in blue with lovely white details, this treat tree looked absolutely decadent. It was placed on a golden cake tray and stood tall at the back of the table.

Tasty cupcakes were frosted in blue and sat invitingly at the front of the desserts. There were even cups with yummy pudding to enjoy!

The celebratory shower cake was a fantastic centerpiece for the table with layers created to look like a carousel.  Frosted in a soft blend of white and blue tones, it matched the theme to perfection.

luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-balloon-arrangement luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-balloon-decor luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-balloon-decorations luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-blue-balloons luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-blue-white-balloons luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-cake luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-cupcakes luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-decorations luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-desserts luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-dessert-table luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-flower-arrangements luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-flowers luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-flower-tower luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-giant-balloons luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-horse-cake luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-layered-cake luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-macarons luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-pastel-backdrop luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-pastel-macarons luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-pastel-treats luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-pudding-cups luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-snacks luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-tiered-cake luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-treats luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-treat-table luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-venue-balloons luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-white-balloons luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-white-blooms luscious-blue-and-gold-shower-white-flowers


Styling, setup, flowers, graphic design, and photography: Sweet Event Styling by Thanh

Cake: Something Blue Cakes

Cupcakes: lovewithcake

Macarons: One Bite

Strawberry tower: Dom’s Strawberries Delight

Dessert Cups: Sweet Pea Treats and Events

Backdrop Print: Jo’s Signs by Design

Balloons: Bubble Moo Balloons


Patriotic 2017 Graduation Party


The Little Factory showcased their masterful decorative skills with this charming Patriotic 2017 Graduation Party. Using the classic red, white and blue colors, the venue was a bright and cheerfully arranged area.  Massive blue curtains made a perfect backdrop for the innovative buffet display. Silver tinsel added a touch of glam with red, white and blue stars incorporated across the top of the backdrop too.  A bright red, white and blue banner congratulated this special kid across the center so the theme was easy to see.

The cake at this party was phenomenal.  With an intricate layering of patriotic details, it stood tall with the year clearly displayed across the front. To add a touch of rustic charm to this party, the trays used for the goodies were wooden, some log shaped, giving a neat effect. Lamps were set at the back to add a soft touch of lighting too.

Each of the snacks was beautifully detailed to go with this fun theme from the sugar cookies with flags and stars to the candies in jars that were red and blue.

Snack bags were put together for the guests to take home with them too, decorated with adorable ribbons and stars. They were set at a fantastic rustic, wooden table with a sign saying, “Graduation is sweet, please take a treat.”

Tall green, plants on each side of this table added a natural touch to the decor. Flowers were also incorporated into the decor with red and white blooms that enhanced the theme sweetly. Balloons even made it into this fun theme, spread underneath the tables in fun fashion.

A favorite addition to this party were little tubes of goodies for each guest that were decorated with the year on outside along with an adorable mini diploma.















Design/planning: The Little Factory


Beautiful Golden Mermaid Baby Shower


This Beautiful Golden Mermaid Shower was a stunning success with a lovely blend of sea tones that any mermaid lover could enjoy. My Little Angel Decorations created an elegant and magical adventure for this shower. At the dessert buffet, an entire section was dedicated to advertising this Mermaid Baby Shower theme in gorgeous fashion.  Long, sheer white fabric was draped curtain style around a fantastic coral backdrop. The light tones of the artwork went smoothly with the fun sea green color of the buffet table cover. A neat touch that added to the elegant effect was the addition of strands of pearls around the front of the table. Flowers in purple, white and blue gave a lovely pop of color and a natural look.  At the center of the backdrop a massive golden letter, “A” was wrapped in pearls and made a lovely intro to this event.

The treats were an incredible blend of color and detail that really made this sea-loving theme stand out. Candied apples were covered in a soft pink color and had fun sea decor including little starfish on them. They also had little blue ribbons tied around attached sticks to give a cute effect.

The cake was three layers of beauty, each layer individually detailed to create a full under the sea look. Scales around the top layer added to the mermaid decor and it was even topped with a golden clam.

Throughout the venue, fantastic golden mermaids advertised this lovely theme perfectly.

The guest tables were a vision with white covered chairs and purple bands.  Each place had a golden charger and sea green napkins which matched the sea green runner.  A centerpiece with a seahorse in a glass made a neat addition to the decorations.  Candles added a soft touch of lighting and elegance as well, floating in glasses of water.
beautiful-golden-mermaid-shower-candied-applesbeautiful-golden-mermaid-baby-shower-cake beautiful-golden-mermaid-baby-shower-dessert-table beautiful-golden-mermaid-baby-shower
beautiful-golden-mermaid-shower-food-table beautiful-golden-mermaid-shower-guest-table beautiful-golden-mermaid-shower-seahorse beautiful-golden-mermaid-shower-snacks


My Little Angel Decorations


Peach And Blue Owl Baby Shower



This astounding Peach And Blue Owl Baby Shower was innovatively decorated by the stellar skill of My Little Angel Decorations. With so many fantastic and unique details, this party was one of a kind.  The theme tones for the party were a lovely blend of pink, blue, peach, white and even some green.  A massive venue was used for this special shower, allowing for plenty of space for the guests.

An entire section was dedicated to the desserts and it was phenomenally put together.  Long sheer swatches of fabric in pink, white and peach were used to divide an entire square of space.  A whole section of wall was covered with white to create a backdrop and a fantastic arrangement of small birdcages made a lovely addition.  Each birdcage had a candle inside to, adding to the lighting in elegant fashion.  The  dessert table was laid out on one side, allowing for easy access and it was covered in a fantastic textured fabric that matched the theme tones brilliantly.  Each of the treats went with the theme while looking quite decadent.  Cupcakes with light pink frosting had dark pink rosettes on top. There was even a tasty looking mini cake frosted in blue with a silver owl on top.

A round table was set at the front to hold the gorgeous tiered cake.  It was detailed adorably with edible art and topped with a lovely white owl. One adorable addition to this cake was the use of sugar cookies at the front spelling out, “Baby” in frosting that blended with the theme. This edible twist on showcasing the party vip was absolutely fantastic. The table cover for this cake table was stunning, massive rosettes around the bottom gave a magnificent effect.





peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-bird-cage-candle peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-cake peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-cakepops peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-cake-section peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-cake-table peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-candles peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-cookie-letters peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-cupcakes peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-guest-seating peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-mini-cake peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-owl-cake-blue peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-sugar-cookies peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-sweets peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-treats


Decorations: My Little Angel Decorations

Cake: Elite Cake Designs By Edwin

Photography: Marvin Peralta

Venue: Days Hotel & Conference Center – Methuen MA


Elegant Marie Antoinette Baby Shower


How breathtaking this Elegant Marie Antoinette Baby Shower turned out! With the expert skills of Adal Kreation, this event was styled to perfection. The large venue was arranged to emulate the sophistication of Marie Antoinette in her prime. With feathers and flowers incorporated throughout the room, the decor was stunning.  

A special table was set up for the special parents to be, giving them all the attention they deserved.  This table had a fantastic golden frame that gave a royal look to the room. With tall, light blue candlesticks and a lovely bouquet of flowers adorned with a feather, this table was magnificent. The place settings featured gorgeous masks for them to wear too.

A dessert table stood against a light blue wall that made a sweet backdrop.  With tall vases full of flowers, this table stood out beautifully. It matched the VIP table with a golden frame.  The desserts placed on the table were delectable, each perfectly decorated to go with this elegant theme. Sugar cookies in all sorts of adorable baby shower shapes were frosted in pastels and placed on golden trays at the front of the table. Cupcakes had gold holders and the cake was tremendous. It was placed on a tall stand at the back of the table and was frosted in a delicate pink with ornate detailing that blended beautifully with the rest of the treats.

To the side of this table a lovely large chair with a golden frame was placed to give the VIP the royal treatment.

elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-cake elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-cakepops elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-card-box elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-cookies elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-cupcake elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-cupcakes elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-favors elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-flowers elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-guest-seating elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-mini-cake elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-place-setting elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-silverware elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-snack-table elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-sugar-cookies elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-sweets elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-table-setting elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-treats elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-vip-chairs


Design and styling: Adal Kreation

Cake, Cupcakes and Cake pops: La Cuchara Dulcetta Cookies

Oreos covered: Mayra’s Cakepops

Wood laser cut: The Wood Shape Store

Mirror Table, Throne chair and Marie Antoinette chairs: @Glampartyrental

Flowers: @Huntpointflowersmarket

Photography: Miguel Pichardo Photography / Cinematography Collaboration Sweet Ambitions Events Faireny Ramos