Whimsical Hello World Baby Shower



This Whimsical Hello World Baby Shower featured all sorts of wonderful elements that were natural while being elegant. With the expertise of Jack & Grace Events, an inspiring and tranquil gathering fell right into place. 

A fantastic outdoor venue allowed for the beauty of the day to provide vibrant natural lighting for all of the lovely decorations. Using a neutral layout, this whimsical theme could be used for either gender too! Brimming with lemons and greenery, the party had a Tucson vibe.  A favorite detail was using greenery garlands to give a natural look across the back of the dessert station.

The stationary for the party was sublime, each with a custom, handdrawn design with lovely painted graphics. They were sweetly created by Stephanie Tara Stationery. Delicate greens, lemons and some gold introduced this pretty theme in perfect manner.

The dessert bar was full of decadent delights, a tower of donuts on large white trays were frosted in varying flavors to effectively curb all sweet teeth! In visual perfection a partially naked 3 tiered drip cake made a stunning centerpiece for this table.  It was topped with gold lettering saying, “Hello World.” 

As a new twist on this classic baby shower style a lovely crown station was set up for the guests to use their imagination to put together a sweet craft to take home with them.  This station allowed for themed photos too, adding to the memories in beautiful fashion.

A MOMosa bar offered a sweet array of drinks for the guests to enjoy, each one a colorful addition to the table. With fun garnishes to try out, each guest could make a unique looking drink with ease.

Rather that the standard cards as gifts, a request was made to fill baby-to-be’s nursery and library with handwritten notes and well-wishes for the family.

whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-board-art whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-cake whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-candles whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-centerpieces whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-dessert-bar whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-dessert-display whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-donut-tower whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-drink-table whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-framed-art whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-fruit-tray whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-golden-topper whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-guest-table whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-invitations whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-layered-cake whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-lemon-crates whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-lemon-name-tag-display whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-lemons whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-menus whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-mimosa-bar whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-name-tags whimsical-hello-world-baby-shower-plants


Planning - Jack & Grace Events
Venue - Xaviars X2O on the Hudson
Photography - Alhy Berry Photography
Floral Design and Greenery Wall - Dramatic Innovation
Invitations - Paper Trails
Event Signage, Lettering and Welcome Sign - Stephanie Tara Stationery
Cake - Lovely Cakes
DoughnutS – Doughnuttery
Cake ToppeR – DownInTheBoondocks (Etsy)
Etched Wooden Hello World Sign - PeachtreeWoodworks (Etsy)
Favor Bags – ThePathLessTraveled (EtsyMORE INSPIRATIONS:

Oh Baby Pastel Shower




This incredible Oh Baby Pastel Shower was beautifully designed by Bright Sky Events.  Using a range of lovely pastel tones, the venue for the party had a delightful ambience that was sure to have the guests feeling light-hearted and comfortable. The party room was fantastic, several stories up with a massive window so everyone could enjoy a gorgeous view of the outdoors.  Along one wall a huge bay window made a phenomenal backdrop for the dessert station, inviting lots of natural light into the room.  Adorable massive, silver balloon letters spelled out “Baby” in front of this window, ensuring that the guests would know what this party was about. 

A delightful white wooden table was used to display the goodies in elegant fashion.  Across the center, a thick strand of floral garland featured pastel blooms, creating a soft look. This garland cascaded beautifully over both edges of the table, making it a lovely centerpiece for the table. 

There were all sorts of treats for everyone to enjoy too.  Fun sugar cookies were shaped into adorable baby themed items and frosted in pastels to match the theme tones perfectly. These were placed on each side of the table upright so the guests could access them with ease.  At the front of this station decadant strawberry mini pies were placed on a white plate beside another tasty looking snack, each with beautiful labels so the guests would know what they were trying out. 

At the back of the table a stunning two layer cake stood on display on top of a wonderful vintage style box.  It was frosted in pastels with a sweet bouquets of flowers on top with a silver, “Oh Baby” topper.  As a cute little accent, baby’s breath was spread around the bottom of the cake in sweet style.

oh-baby-pastel-shower-cake oh-baby-pastel-shower-cake-topper oh-baby-pastel-shower-desserts oh-baby-pastel-shower-dessert-table oh-baby-pastel-shower-edibles oh-baby-pastel-shower-flower-cake oh-baby-pastel-shower-flower-centerpiece oh-baby-pastel-shower-food oh-baby-pastel-shower-frosted-donuts oh-baby-pastel-shower-snacks oh-baby-pastel-shower-strawberries oh-baby-pastel-shower-sugar-cookies oh-baby-pastel-shower-yogurt


Planning/design - Bright Sky Events - Instagram, Facebook page

Cake, Desert cups , Fresh Flowers Donuts and pastries - Reddy Made Cakes
Beautiful Sugar cookies - Sara Sweet Smile
Fresh Flowers - Buckets Fresh Flowers
Photography - Art and Soul Photography


Little Fox Fall Baby Shower



With the expert design skills of Silvia of Chapeau Eventi, this Little Fox Fall Baby Shower was a cozy and warm celebration of life. With festive fall colors and a lovely outdoor venue, the venue was a pure delight.

Nature made the perfect backdrop for this fall filled dessert table. Large trees with vibrant, colored leaves created a lush environment that was absolutely gorgeous.  A wonderful, rustic wooden table held all of the goodies for the guests to try out. Burlap was used as a runner, set in a modern fashion down the center of the table. To one side a pile of pumpkins on a crate made an adorable decoration.

For dessert, a scrumptious naked chocolate drip cake made a stunning centerpiece with a sweet little flag banner topper and miniature fox graphic art. The banner spelled out, “Baby Fox,” in colorful letters. To really create a fall vibe, the cake was surrounded by lovely leaves and berries.

Other treats made for this delightful party included decadent cupcakes that were placed in brown tissue to blend with the theme perfectly.  They were even made in different sizes.  Yummy looking bars were piled smoothly into a large, clear bowl and other candies ensured that the guests would be full and happy. Chocolate rice krispy treats made a unique addition to the snack menu along some tasty popcorn.

Invitations for the party featured cute fall colors with an adorable fox graphic.  The envelopes were even finished off with a sweet little leaf to seal them.

The guest seating was quite beautiful with long wooden tables that featured fantastic centerpieces of miniature pumpkins and apples. Candles added soft lighting and mini bouquets of flowers added an elegant touch to the decor. Burlap place mats matched the dessert table smoothly. Each place had a fantastic mini pumpkin with a name tag too.

little-fox-fall-baby-shower-apple-pile little-fox-fall-baby-shower-berry-decor little-fox-fall-baby-shower-block-letters little-fox-fall-baby-shower-cake-topper little-fox-fall-baby-shower-candies little-fox-fall-baby-shower-candles little-fox-fall-baby-shower-centerpieces little-fox-fall-baby-shower-chalk-art little-fox-fall-baby-shower-chocolate-treats little-fox-fall-baby-shower-cupcakes little-fox-fall-baby-shower-cups little-fox-fall-baby-shower-cup-tower little-fox-fall-baby-shower-dessert-table little-fox-fall-baby-shower-dress-the-fox little-fox-fall-baby-shower-guest-table little-fox-fall-baby-shower-hanging-balls little-fox-fall-baby-shower-hanging-decorations little-fox-fall-baby-shower-hanging-hearts little-fox-fall-baby-shower-invitations little-fox-fall-baby-shower-large-cupcakes little-fox-fall-baby-shower-layered-cake little-fox-fall-baby-shower-mason-jars little-fox-fall-baby-shower-mini-pumpkins little-fox-fall-baby-shower-mulled-cider little-fox-fall-baby-shower-popcorn-treats little-fox-fall-baby-shower-pumpkin-name-stand little-fox-fall-baby-shower-pumpkin-pile little-fox-fall-baby-shower-rice-krispy-treats little-fox-fall-baby-shower-tattoos little-fox-fall-baby-shower-tattoo-table little-fox-fall-baby-shower-thank-you-tags little-fox-fall-baby-shower-treat-bars little-fox-fall-baby-shower-treat-table little-fox-fall-baby-shower-wishes-for-little-fox


Planning/design - Silvia of Chapeau Eventi

Photography: Ambra – Controluce Immagini

Stationary: Silvia Calligaro,Chapeau Eventi

Tattoo: Titoo for You

Cake and Sweet Table: Pasticceria Americana

Venue: Cantina Pitars


Sweet Little Pumpkin Baby Shower



Rachel of Nestling Design created the ultimate celebration with this Sweet Little Pumpkin Baby Shower.  With some fantastic classic details like fall themed tones and some innovative decorations, this shower was a lovely work of art. 

A fantastic donut station was set up with a large customized sign saying, “A sweet little pumpkin is on the way.” It had a cute picture of a pumpkin with flowers around it. To accent this poster, leaves surrounded the wall art, adding dimension to the decor. 

The table used for the snacks took a modern twist with a cabinet style rather than the classic buffet.  Using open faced cubbies a wonderful array of deocorations were blended into the stand.  Adorable mini flag banners were draped on each side with soft colors and pumpkin clip art. One cubby had baby spelled out in silver lettering right in front of a small crate of cupcakes with sweet little toppers.  Classic whoopie pies were placed in one cubby in a wonderful orange holder. There was even space in this handy stand for little bottles of water with customized labels to match the theme.  

On top of this table a large red tray held a tower of tasty donuts for the guests to enjoy.  Sweet wooden crates were set on each side of this tray overflowing with miniature pumpkins. Right at the front, “thankful” was spelled out in curved lettering. Each snack had its own special label with an adorable pumpkin style printed frame. 

The invitations for the party were superbly designed with a graphic that matched the backdrop and a smooth blend of favorite fall colors.  With fonts in varying styles and sizes, these invitations looked very exciting.  They had a fun, plaid envelope too, that introduced the party in bold style.

sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-banner sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-beverages sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-bingo sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-cupcake sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-cupcakes sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-decorative-sticks sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-donuts sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-donut-table sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-drinks sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-flag-banner sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-framed-art sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-invitation-party sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-invitations sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-leaves-backdrop sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-little-pies sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-macarons sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-pie-station sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-pink-macarons sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-pumpkin-seeds sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-rolos-chocolates sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-swirly-straws sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-tassel-art sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-thank-you-treats sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-whoopie-pies sweet-little-pumpkin-baby-shower-wishes-for-baby


Planning/design, invitations and printables - Rachel of Nestling Design


Floral Tea Party Baby Shower


This Floral Tea Party Baby Shower by Partylicious featured light and airy details that made it an elegant and memorable soiree. With a smooth mix of pastel tones and adorable flower arrangements, the venue was cozy and inviting.

The dessert table was absolutely stunning with a perfect blending of treats and decor. A lovely backdrop was created with a sheer white cloth that was beautifully accented with a massive border of colorful paper flowers which introduced the theme very sweetly. The table was covered with a pretty layering of fabrics, a solid pink base with a fantastic vintage style top layer.

Each treat was labelled in elegant fashion with a small card so the guests would know what they were trying out. There were delightful sugar cookies shaped into teapots and flowers that were frosted in bright colors. There was even a wonderful cookie tower! Tasty looking pudding and yogurt cups were offered with cute little dipping sticks for easy eating. There were also scrumptious looking cupcakes frosted in soft pastels and set on tall trays for easy access. As a centerpiece for this table a large, two layer cake was frosted in a fantastic soft pink color in a textured style. It had an adorable golden topper flag banner that fit perfectly.

The guest table was set up in a long family style row, providing a warm and comfortable visiting environment for the guests. As a centerpiece all the way down the table bouquets of flowers were set out in different types of vases to give a vintage look. The flowers were all stunning in various colors and types too. Doilies made a fun addition to this centerpiece in fun colors. From top to bottom, this floral tea party made a lovely option for introducing a new baby into the world!


floral-tea-party-baby-shower-colorful-paper-flowers floral-tea-party-baby-shower-cookies floral-tea-party-baby-shower-cookie-tower floral-tea-party-baby-shower-cupcake floral-tea-party-baby-shower-cupcakes floral-tea-party-baby-shower-cupcake-trays floral-tea-party-baby-shower-desserts floral-tea-party-baby-shower-dessert-spread floral-tea-party-baby-shower-dessert-table floral-tea-party-baby-shower-flower-arrangements floral-tea-party-baby-shower-flower-bouquet floral-tea-party-baby-shower-flowers-cookies floral-tea-party-baby-shower-macarons floral-tea-party-baby-shower-paper-flowers floral-tea-party-baby-shower-pink-cake floral-tea-party-baby-shower-pudding floral-tea-party-baby-shower-sugar-cookie-flower floral-tea-party-baby-shower-treats floral-tea-party-baby-shower-treat-spread floral-tea-party-baby-shower-treats-table floral-tea-party-baby-shower-treat-station floral-tea-party-baby-shower-treat-table floral-tea-party-baby-shower-yogurt


Paperie, design and styling - Partylicious
Flowers -Partylicious
Desserts - Sugar Bliss
Cookies - Cookies by Suehery
Photography - Coinneach Photograpy and Partylicious