Bumblebee Gender Reveal Baby Shower


How adorable is this Bumblebee Gender Reveal Baby Shower? From the bold yellow colors to the softening grey tones, this party had a modern take on a fun, classic theme.  

The golden yellow color was a for sure a prominent theme tone at this venue, making it lively and exciting to see all of the decor. To mellow it out a little Kudzu Monster put in warm greys which contrasted beautifully to create a party with just the right amount of pizzazz. The range of printables offered at this event was fantastic, from the cute, “Which Will It Bee?” backdrop to the honeycomb snack labels on the dessert table.

Fantastic whimsical details were added to the stylings at this event including a wonderful stump style stand that held the pristinely detailed, massive celebratory cake. This cake was frosted in a delectable yellow and had a sweet little bumblebee topper.

A framed bit of art that said, “He or She Which Will it Bee?” hung on the wall with a fantastic aged grey frame, blending with the theme very smoothly. Plants were even artfully placed in various types of containers to add to the natural vibe in a fun way.

The range of treats was lovely with cupcakes frosted in yellow and placed in cute little bumblebee cups being a favorite to try. There were even some placed in honeycomb cups that were frosted in tall towers for delightful sweetness and topped with bumblebees. Classic Honeycomb cereal even made an appearance, advertising this theme in fantastic fashion. Each treat had a personalized label, making it simple to see what was offered and there were even bottled beverages with labels to match the theme too.

A finishing touch for the party guests were thank you cards that were designed to match the theme, offering heartfelt and stylish love for those who were able to attend.

bumblebee-gender-reveal-baby-shower-candies bumblebee-gender-reveal-baby-shower-cupcakes bumblebee-gender-reveal-baby-shower-honey-comb bumblebee-gender-reveal-baby-shower-labels bumblebee-gender-reveal-baby-shower-thank-yous bumblebee-gender-reveal-baby-shower-toppers


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Whimsical Bottles and Burlap Baby Shower

This Whimsical Bottles and Burlap Baby Shower was full of delightful touches that made it a timeless event. With the fabulous skill of Style House Events & Rental, this shower was a sweet and successful party for a very special mom-to-be.

Using the outdoors to provide natural decor, the party was held on a gorgeous sunny day so all of the decorations were lit up vibrantly. The dessert table was a gorgeous, long slab style that easily held the treats.  A rustic backdrop was made from a board that set the theme up beautifully.  Across the board a clothing line held adorable baby items like shorts, onesies and even a hat. Large letters in a soft gold tone were hung in the center.

The snacks prepared for this party were astounding in detail. Cakepops were frosted to look like little baby rattles, cupcakes were frosted in white and had adorable little babies right on top.  At the back of the table jars in various shapes and sizes held yummy pretzels and marshmallows.

The only thing better than one cake a shower is two of course and this party had three! On each side of the table naked cakes had dripping blue frosted tops and were beautifully surrounded by baby’s breath.  The center cake was a stunner with three layers of intricate detailing in soft blue and tan.

Guest tables were lavishly decorated in fun vintage style. Blue cloth was layered with lovely white lace. The centerpieces were fantastic vases topped with lampshades and adorable blooms in white, yellow and blue. The place settings looked perfectly elegant with white tableware and dark colored napkins. The chairs were a fun mix of wooden frames that added a bit of flavor to the decor. To complete the look, lovely printables filled the tables.

whimsical-bottles-and-burlap-baby-shower-bingo whimsical-bottles-and-burlap-baby-shower-cake whimsical-bottles-and-burlap-baby-shower-cakepops whimsical-bottles-and-burlap-baby-shower-carriage whimsical-bottles-and-burlap-baby-shower-cookies whimsical-bottles-and-burlap-baby-shower-cupcakes whimsical-bottles-and-burlap-baby-shower-edible-bassinets whimsical-bottles-and-burlap-baby-shower-floral-cake whimsical-bottles-and-burlap-baby-shower-flowers whimsical-bottles-and-burlap-baby-shower-guest-tables whimsical-bottles-and-burlap-baby-shower-invitations whimsical-bottles-and-burlap-baby-shower-mason-jars whimsical-bottles-and-burlap-baby-shower-menu whimsical-bottles-and-burlap-baby-shower-onsie-activity whimsical-bottles-and-burlap-baby-shower-round-table whimsical-bottles-and-burlap-baby-shower-teddy-bear whimsical-bottles-and-burlap-baby-shower-vintage-decor


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Surfing Baby On Board Shower


This cool, blue Surfing Baby On Board Shower was expertly designed by Sweet and Clever. With a unique theme and a cool blend of beach tones, the venue for this party was beautifully designed.
For the snack table, a one-of-a-kind back drop was made featuring a large blue surfboard with baby-to-be’s name in white letters. Over top the surfboard a cute banner said, “Baby On Board,” introducing the theme in a creative way.  The background of this cool printable was wavy and had a range of colors from deep tan to green, giving a sea-like effect.

The snacks were perfectly arranged on the table to allow easy access for the guests. The front row of snacks were all on low white trays while the back row had varying heights to add dimension to the decor. The table itself was covered in a vibrant white cloth, so all the blues and greens of the treats could stand out boldly.

Delightful rice krispy treats were dipped in blue frosting and then covered in white sprinkles. Each had a stick to make it easy to grab and hold them and they were all set on two-tiered cupcake stands at the back of the table.  Cupcakes made a classic option for the guests to enjoy as well with all sorts to try out.  With different fun cupcake holders in blue, green and even stripes, they made this table look fun and delicious.  Each cupcake even had a personalized topper to match the theme.

The cake was a surfing dream with two layers frosted in blue that faded at the top to give a beach look.  The top of the cake even had tan tones like sand and an adorable topper with surfboards and a palm tree. Around the edge of the cake on the white tray there was more brown too.   

surfing-baby-on-board-shower-cupcakes surfing-baby-on-board-shower-cupcake-toppers surfing-baby-on-board-shower-dessert-table surfing-baby-on-board-shower-gold-baby-topper surfing-baby-on-board-shower-rice-krispy-treats surfing-baby-on-board-shower-snacks surfing-baby-on-board-shower-two-tiered-cake


Sweet and Clever


Safari Adventure Baby Shower


This lovely Safari Adventure Baby Shower was infused with all sorts of glamorous details that made it a memorable celebration for a special mom-to-be.  With the sweet stylings of My Little Angel Decorations, this party was sure to be a total success.

The venue chosen for the event was quite large, allowing for plenty of space to keep the guests comfortable.  With several round tables set up for them to sit at, visiting while enjoying some snacks was simple to do.  Each table was covered in a mint green cover that blended beautifully with the white, gold and blue of the other decor. The chairs each had a white cover that was wrapped with a matching mint green band to create an elegant effect. Centerpieces for these tables were stunning vintage style birdcages painted white and filled with lovely blue flower arrangements. Golden animals were placed beside each to promote the Safari theme gorgeously.  These were set on a sparkling golden runner that stood out boldly.

The dessert table had an entire cover that matched the sparkling gold of the guest table runners.  Behind the table sheer green and white fabric was draped in front of strands of lights to give a soft illumination. A wonderful vintage mirror framed in gold made a perfect backdrop for the table.  Right in front of this mirror a four-tiered cake stood in stunning perfection, each layer detailed with precision to look safari like.  It had a golden giraffe standing right on top too. To accent the cake, on each side massive bouquets of pretty white flowers were placed in golden vases and set on stands to make them even taller.  Other tasty treats displayed on this table included personalized, wrapped chocolate bars that were actually placed on an upright stand.  There were also adorably detailed sugar cookies to enjoy.

safari-adventure-baby-shower-bouquets safari-adventure-baby-shower-cookie-tray safari-adventure-baby-shower-golden-animal-tower safari-adventure-baby-shower-golden-giraffe safari-adventure-baby-shower-guest-centerpiece safari-adventure-baby-shower-party-collage safari-adventure-baby-shower-tiered-cake safari-adventure-baby-shower-treat-table safari-adventure-baby-shower-vip-lounge


My Little Angel Decorations

Elite cake design by Edwin Jemas Sweet


Golden And White Baby Shower


This unique, Golden And White Baby Shower and gender reveal was everything parents-to-be could want. Behind the scenes Megan Gilmore and her family created this masterpiece, using soft yellow and white tones to provide a sweet and inviting venue for all of their guests to enjoy.  The party room was painted in neutral tones which made a fantastic base for the soft colored decor for this party. Large yellow and white hanging lanterns and tissue flowers were hung from the ceiling along with strands of white and yellow polka dots as fillers.

An adorable sheet cake made a perfect dessert for the guest and was decorated in fun fashion with lots of colors and a cute little baby as a centerpiece and topper.

A buffet was set up in a row with black covers, allowing the deep colors of the foods to stand out perfectly. A variety of delightful foods were offered to please all palates from deviled eggs to croissants. To add a sweet, natural bit of decor to this table a small vase was filled with yellow and white daisies.

To properly thank all of the guests who attended this sweet event a fantastic diy craft was made.  Miniature cribs were made from die-cut paper, offering a unique and memorable holder for the presents. Each held a pack of colorful hair ties and a sweet thank you label.

This shower had a modern take that allowed dad-to-be to join in on the fun as he was sure to want to know baby’s gender too. To reveal the gender in style a large light brown paper box was decorated with a heart saying, “He or She?” Inside the whole thing was filled with…….blue balloons! They were very excited to find out that the baby was a boy!

Credits –

Megan Gilmore