Shimmering Chic Baby Shower


From the modern styled invitations to the venue with city scape views, this Shimmering Chic Baby Shower was set up to be a trendy event. With Matura Event Styling in charge, the design at this shower was phenomenal. 

Using white as the base theme tone with metallic accents, the venue had a fashionable vibe. Massive white balloons helped accent the glam styling of the party with fantastic tassels. They were lined up perfectly at the back of the dessert table which was placed beside a window showcasing a fantastic city skyline. Each of the tables from food to guest were covered in white, giving the venue a light and inviting atmosphere. 

The desserts were stunning and sure to please with a variety of delightful cakes to try out. Each cake was smoothly frosted, aside from the naked cake that acted as the centerpiece to the entire look. They were all accented with lovely sprigs of greenery too, giving a natural look.  Yummy cakepops were frosted in white and placed at the front of the dessert table for easy access. There were also scrumptious looking cupcakes frosted in white with sprinkes and set on a lovely tiered tray at the back of the table. 

A favorite decoration at this event that was very unique was a sweet, blue baby carriage that was filled completely with gorgeous white blooms. This carriage advertised this elegant theme to perfection.

Guest seating was arranged in unique style with long tables set in a square formation. This set up allowed for a larger group to visit comfortably together while maintaining plenty of space to enjoy a meal. Adorable white flower bouquets made sweet centerpieces on these tables. As a thank you gift for the visitors, mini jars of lavender sugar scrub was given out with little tags on them so the guests would know what it was. 

shimmering-chic-baby-shower-balloon-decor shimmering-chic-baby-shower-cake-dessert shimmering-chic-baby-shower-cake-flowers shimmering-chic-baby-shower-cake-stand

shimmering-chic-baby-shower-cupcake-sprinkles shimmering-chic-baby-shower-dessert-table shimmering-chic-baby-shower-flag-banner shimmering-chic-baby-shower-flower-carriage shimmering-chic-baby-shower-flower-centerpiece shimmering-chic-baby-shower-food-buffet shimmering-chic-baby-shower-fruit-cheese shimmering-chic-baby-shower-giant-balloons shimmering-chic-baby-shower-guest-tables shimmering-chic-baby-shower-invitations
shimmering-chic-baby-shower-roses shimmering-chic-baby-shower-sandwiches shimmering-chic-baby-shower-sugar-scrub shimmering-chic-baby-shower-tassels shimmering-chic-baby-shower-tiered-cake shimmering-chic-baby-shower-treats


Event Design and Styling - Matura Event Styling
Photography - Cristina Lozito
Flowers - Vanilla Flower Co.
Cakes - Sweet Panache


Baby to Bee Outdoor Shower


Thanks to the expertise of Queen Tut Events & Design, this Baby to Bee Outdoor Shower was a stylishly success. With innovative decorations and elegant design details, the venue for the celebration was definitely one of a kind. The invitations introduced the theme in sophistication style with black ribbon and a modern blend of fonts. 

Using a large, outdoor space on a sunny day, this shower was a bright and inviting gathering that everyone was sure to enjoy. With an array of round tables set up for the guests to sit at, visiting with eachother was sure to be easy and comfortable. The tables had delightful soft, golden covers with centerpieces of flowers in bright yellow and white, creating a sweet look. Each place setting featured an adorable thank you gift of bumble gum, a fantastic twist on a classic treat! The gum was placed in cute little jars that were labelled in chalk style and finished with black ribbon for a modern effect. 

The dessert table was elegantly arrranged with simplicitiy in mind.  A large round table with a lovely runner across the front welcomed the guests by the back door.  A tower of hexagons created a honeycomb look that introduced this Bumble Bee Shower perfectly.  Each wooden wonder was used to hold a tasty looking cupcake frosted in white, making it a functional decoration. Lovely flowers were set in golden vases on each side of this fantastic decor, adding a touch of nature. 

The cake was absolutely adorable, frosted in bee-hive fashion. It had cute little details too including little butterflies and hearts that made it an elegant delight. Another tasty treat showcased at this lovely event were yummy layered pudding cups. They had a blend of soft colors that matched the theme beautifully and look absolutely scrumptious. For a fun display, they were set on a sheer, golden dish.

baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-bumblebee-decor baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-cupcakes baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-floral-centerpieces baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-flowers baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-guest-seating baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-gum baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-honeycomb baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-invitations baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-pudding baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-pudding-cups baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-rustic-window-art baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-seating baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-white-rose baby-to-bee-outdoor-shower-wood-letters


Styling/design/invitations - Queen Tut Events & Design


Colorful Moroccan Baby Shower



This Colorful Moroccan Baby Shower was a stunning event designed by CK Creations By Chuly.  A beautiful blend of vibrant colors gave this venue an elegant and bold look that a special mom-to-be was sure to love. 

A lovely dessert station was set up in traditional Morroccon style with fantastic draperies in orange and purple surrounded by a white tent fabric arrangement that had fantastic golden tassels.  The table was covered in a glamorous golden cover which sparkled with a glittering shimmer.  Large bouquets of flowers were organized in a circular fashion and set in ornate golden vases to give this table a delightfully elegant look. They stood tall at the back of the table with blooms in all sorts of colors that matched the theme smoothly. 

Also at the back of the table were tiered arrangements of candles surrounding a delicious looking three layer cake. Each layer of this fabulous dessert was frosted in  a different vibrant color and lovely detailing.  The cake was adorned with several pretty blooms to add to the elegant look. At the top a golden elephant was holding a baby elephant, making it a perfect introduction to this baby shower. 

On each side of the cake a golden tray with dangling crystals held yummy cakepops that were frosted in purple and orange.  The front of the table also held some cakepops for the guests to enjoy and those were actually shaped to look like little baby rattles.  Sugar cookies in all sorts of fun baby item shapes were frosted in bold colors and set at the front of the table as well.  Another favorite classic dessert, cupcakes, were placed on tree style holders.

Beside this table a massive throne waited for the special vip to sit.  It featuread large handles shaped into the face of a lion in gold, creating a royal vibe.

colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-cake colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-cake-flower colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-cakepop-rattle colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-cakepop-rattle-treats colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-cakepops colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-cakepops-rattles colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-cakepop-tray colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-candles colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-centerpieces colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-colorful-cakepops colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-cookies colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-cupcake-gold-topper colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-cupcakes
colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-dessert-table colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-elephant-decor colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-elephant-decoration colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-elephant-topper colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-flower-bloom colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-flower-bouquet colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-gold-elephants colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-guest-seating colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-guest-tables colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-lantern-decorations colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-layered-cake colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-onsie-cookies colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-purple-treat
colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-strawberries colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-sugar-cookies colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-throne colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-throne-frame colorful-moroccon-baby-shower-treats


 Planning/design - CK Creations By Chuly  

Instagram – ck_blooms


Backyard BBQ Baby Shower


Charming details and vibrant colors made this Backyard BBQ Baby Shower an event to remember! With the lovely styling skills of Simply Paush Events, the celebration was a stunning success. Using a fun, classic red and white plaid pattern throughout the decor, the theme was brilliantly introduced.  

Taking advantage of a beautiful, sunny day, this party was held outdoors. Long family style seating was arranged to make every very comfortable together. These tables were covered with a red and white checked cover and then accented with a fantastic burlap style runner. Adorable vintage lanterns made perfect centerpieces along with mini bouquets of pretty flowers.  To start the party off right each place setting had a little card for everyone to share their predictions about baby and give helpful advice too. 

To welcome everyone appropriately a fantastic sign was hung chalkboard style with bright colors that matched the theme too. It was hung on a wooden post for a neat rustic touch.

A wonderful food station was arranged perfectly for the guests to grab and go. A burlap backdrop made a smooth accent for the adorable onesies that hung in a row across the center. Each onesie featured a large red and white checked letter which spelled out BBQ. They hung on a line in classic fashion with wooden clothespins on twine.  

Rustic red crates were used to hold decorations and treats, they were even stacked for a cute effect. Tall clear jars held tasty popcorn and there were miniature bowls in red and white to put it in too. The cake was a beauty with three layers, each one beautifully decorated to match the theme. Baby-O was the topper in bright red which shown marvelously.  This cake stood on a tall, vintage style golden cake tray. Other adorable decorations included sunflowers on top of the crates and sweet little piggies at the front of the table.

backyard-bbq-baby-shower-advice-cards backyard-bbq-baby-shower-beverages backyard-bbq-baby-shower-buffet backyard-bbq-baby-shower-bug-spray backyard-bbq-baby-shower-closed-sign backyard-bbq-baby-shower-decorative-jars backyard-bbq-baby-shower-drink-bowl backyard-bbq-baby-shower-feed-sack backyard-bbq-baby-shower-flowers backyard-bbq-baby-shower-food-station backyard-bbq-baby-shower-games backyard-bbq-baby-shower-grub-trays backyard-bbq-baby-shower-guest-table backyard-bbq-baby-shower-mason-jars backyard-bbq-baby-shower-piggy-decoration backyard-bbq-baby-shower-place-settings backyard-bbq-baby-shower-popcorn backyard-bbq-baby-shower-straws backyard-bbq-baby-shower-sunflower backyard-bbq-baby-shower-treats backyard-bbq-baby-shower-visitor-table backyard-bbq-baby-shower-welcome-sign


Planning/design - Simply Paush Events


Blooming Baby Shower


This Blooming Baby Shower designed by Best Friend Borrowed was a beauty! Using adorable shades of peach and mint, the venue had a delightful, charming vibe that was sure to keep guests relaxed.  Set in a venue with neutrally toned walls, the soft theme colors stood out perfectly. 

To welcome the party goers, a fabulous chalkboard sign was set a the entrance to the venue. It said, “Welcome to Jenn’s Baby Shower,” in varying styles which made it stand out fantastically. At the bottom of the board a cute drawing of flower blooms even introduced the theme. An adorable bouquet of peach and white balloons were attached to the board as well. 

The guest tables were set together for cozy visiting and all matched with mint green coveres. The chairs were white fold up style, adding a touch of charm to the look. Each place setting had a mint green and white plate and bowl and a miniature pot with some seeds to take home after the party. The centerpieces were beautifully put together, low setting flowers so everyone could still see each other. The vases were wrapped in layers of twine to add to the charming style of the party. 

With assorted sandwiches to choose from and a delightful arrangement of cupcakes, guests were sure to find something tasty to nibble on.  On one wall a massive banner was created with stripes of colorful fabric and little doiles with golden letters saying, “It’s A Girl.” Pinwheels were also added to the top of this banner easily adding to its appeal. To the side, a fun balloon stood up high with a clear color and polkadots on the inside of it. 

An fun activity used for this party was called Postovit Princess, where a station was set up with a camera to let everyone take pictures with and thne leave encouraging notes for mom-to-be.

blooming-baby-shower-banner-decorations blooming-baby-shower-chalkboard-entrance blooming-baby-shower-cupcakes blooming-baby-shower-flower-bouquet blooming-baby-shower-framed-art blooming-baby-shower-guest-seating blooming-baby-shower-onesies blooming-baby-shower-photo-station blooming-baby-shower-sandwiches blooming-baby-shower-sippy-cup-board-art


Planning/design - Best Friend Borrowed