Sky Blue Baby Shower


This Sky Blue Baby Shower was beautifully designed by EVENTee Party who used a smooth mix of blue and white to create a cozy and welcoming venue for a whole group of special people to celebrate a new coming life.

A lovely dessert table was set up with an elegant layered white cover which provided a perfect setting for the pretty mix of treats and decorations. A sheer curtain was used as a backdrop base and was accented with all sorts of adorable angel wings and clouds along with Sky spelled out in sweet, shimmering lettering.

Giant blue block letters let everyone that mom-to-be was expecting a boy in fun fashion. Set across the center of this dessert table, it made a perfect addition to the decor. On each side of the table lovely bouquets of white flowers drew the eye. There were also fantastic large columns that added to the elegant vibe which also held a lovely arrangement of white blooms.

A variety of delightful treats made sure that everyone could find something to nibble on. From sugar cookies to macarons, all the snacks were decorated to match the theme wonderfully. The cake was a sweet arrangement of blue frosting and white clouds with a bottle and infant angel on the top, matching this gorgeous theme beautifully.

Chic Blue Baby Shower



With an array of blues, gold and fun patterns, this Chic Blue Baby Shower by Adal Kreation was a one-of-a-kind.  A fantastic white, round table made a perfect setting for all of the desserts, giving an elegant appeal that was also simple for guests to access. 

A lovely blended blue backdrop was accented with gold lettering to spell out the special baby’s name along with the phrase, “You are so loved.” There were also gold stars, adding a cute touch.

On one side of the dessert table an adorable light blue table held decorations that introduced the theme beautifully. A white frame displayed a sweet teddybear right beside a stuffed one.  At the back of the table a miniature cake stood tall with a rocking chair as a topper. It was frosted in a blend of blues with gold detailing.

At the other side of the dessert table a cushy, blue stool displayed a gorgeous tray with soft blue candles which gave the venue an elegant look. Right behind the stool a large basket held more adorable stuffed animals. 

The desserts at this party looked almost too good to eat with gold, blue and white, exquisite details.  Cupcakes were frosted in a variety of different ways, some were frosted in blue and white with a simple style. Some featured fantastic toppers like miniature blocks spelling out, “boy.” Cake pops were created to look just like rattles,  on blue and white swirly straws. They had fantastic miniature, edible frame art with gold bows. 

Sugar cookies with vibrant blue frosting were shaped into cute baby items like carriages and onesies. The cake stood as a lovely centerpiece to the desserts with layers elegantly frosted in the theme tones. A golden topper said, “Oh baby.”  With a sweet assortment of candles and flowers incorporated throughout, this table was absolutely stunning.

 chic-blue-baby-shower-treat-table chic-blue-baby-shower-treats
chic-blue-baby-shower-rocking-horse-cookie chic-blue-baby-shower-rocking-horse-cake chic-blue-baby-shower-rattle-cupcake chic-blue-baby-shower-rattle-cakepops chic-blue-baby-shower-pelican-cupcake chic-blue-baby-shower-oversized-chair chic-blue-baby-shower-onesie-cookies chic-blue-baby-shower-layered-cake chic-blue-baby-shower-gold-name-letters
chic-blue-baby-shower-gold-frame chic-blue-baby-shower-gold-blue-cupcakes chic-blue-baby-shower-framed-art chic-blue-baby-shower-dessert-table chic-blue-baby-shower-dessert-station
chic-blue-baby-shower-cookies chic-blue-baby-shower-colored-cupcakes chic-blue-baby-shower-chic-sugar-cookies chic-blue-baby-shower-candles chic-blue-baby-shower-cake chic-blue-baby-shower-blue-white-cupcakes
chic-blue-baby-shower-blue-cupcakes chic-blue-baby-shower-blue-candles chic-blue-baby-shower-blue-cakepops chic-blue-baby-shower-blue-cake chic-blue-baby-shower-blue-backdrop chic-blue-baby-shower-bib-cupcake


Planning/design - Adal Kreation


Sheek Royal Prince Baby Shower

With an eye for detail, Craft My Occasion designed this Sheek Royal Prince Baby Shower.  Every visitor at this special celebration of a little baby was sure to feel a little royal themselves sitting at guest tables fit for kings and queens. Gold chairs featured adorable light blue satin sashes  with sweet bows and carousel art.  White padded cushions offered a touch of comfort and luxury too.  The guest tables were covered in a soft blue cloth, making it simple for the golden array of decor to shine.  Lovely vintage style carriages were placed perfectly between crowns displaying gorgeous white flowers, creating an elegance that shone beautifully.

The invitations to the special baby shower event were stunning with blue and gold art in a carriage shape and an elegant arrangement of fonts to draw the eye. The theme was brilliantly introduced as a “Royal Affair.”

A simple round table was used to display a delightful diaper cake wrapped in fantastic layers of blue and gold fabric and topped with a glamorous crown. This table was accented with a massive carriage display for a royal effect. To add an extra touch of sweetness to this table, cute little cake pops stood on a tray.

For an additional bit of fun, sweet golden pacifiers shimmered from the guest tables in sweet fashion.  At the back of the table, a massive cut out of a castle ensured that this royal theme would be clear to all. Each place setting featured a personalized golden, treat crown individually packaged to enjoy later. The glasses used for the party were quite elegant with a golden bottom half. Each one had an adorable blue and gold polka dot straw too.

prince-cakepops sheek-royal-prince-baby-shower-gold-pacifier sheek-royal-prince-baby-shower-tablescape sheek-royal-prince-baby-shower sheek-royal-prince-baby-shower-guest-table sheek-royal-prince-baby-shower-guest-tables-chairs

sheek-royal-prince-baby-shower-blue-sash sheek-royal-prince-baby-shower-cakepops sheek-royal-prince-baby-shower-carriage sheek-royal-prince-baby-shower-crown-treat sheek-royal-prince-baby-shower-diaper-cake sheek-royal-prince-baby-shower-diaper-cake-golden sheek-royal-prince-baby-shower-glass-straws sheek-royal-prince-baby-shower-guest-tables sheek-royal-prince-baby-shower-invitations


Craft My Occasion

Party Stylist and Sugar Artist – Lynnette of Craft My Occasion

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Royal Blue And Gold Prince Shower


Gabriela Events was the mastermind behind this fantastic Royal Blue And Gold Prince Shower celebration.  Setting the scene at this event, a massive and unique dessert table was placed right up front making it easily accessible for the guests. A stunning backdrop hung top to bottom with a fantastic ballroom style detailing. With a smooth blending of blue and gold colors, this event was fit for royalty.  

The table design was stunning and innovative.  Massive letters in white spelling out baby to be’s name made the stand for the dessert buffet while a large glass top offered a stylish and durable option for holding the treats. On each end of this lovely table, golden crowns were set with candies, advertising the royal theme in a beautiful manner. At the center of the table, a bold layered cake featured a large, golden crown on top. It was accented on each side with a stunning bouquet of pastel flowers in elegant clear vases. Cupcake stands held cupcakes that looked quite scrumptious in golden cups. With all of the treats at different levels it was simple to grab and go.  At the front of the table delightful cake pops were frosted in bold blue alongside yummy candy coated rice krispy treats. Floating candles offered a softening touch to this table in lovely stemmed glassware.

To the side of this lovely dessert table another station was prepared to hold the gifts. This table was covered in a wonderful shimmering golden cloth.  Framed personalized party activity instructions added to the fun at this event with exciting things for the guests to participate in.  A classic favorite game was “Don’t Say Baby,” so the guests could enjoy trying not to say the main reason for the whole party!


royal-blue-and-gold-prince-shower-cakepops royal-blue-and-gold-prince-shower-candies royal-blue-and-gold-prince-shower-chocolate-candies royal-blue-and-gold-prince-shower-chocolates royal-blue-and-gold-prince-shower-crown-decor royal-blue-and-gold-prince-shower-cupcake-stand royal-blue-and-gold-prince-shower-desserts royal-blue-and-gold-prince-shower-framed-art royal-blue-and-gold-prince-shower-games royal-blue-and-gold-prince-shower-gift-table royal-blue-and-gold-prince-shower-golden-decorations royal-blue-and-gold-prince-shower-guessing-games royal-blue-and-gold-prince-shower-large-white-letters royal-blue-and-gold-prince-shower-pacifiers royal-blue-and-gold-prince-shower-pillow


Gabriela Events


Nautical Whale Baby Shower


With a lovely nautical layout for baby-to-be’s nursery, this Nautical Whale Baby Shower theme made perfect sense for a fantastic celebration idea. Using the expert design skills of Partylicious, this Whale baby shower adventure was a modern and delightful success.

The dessert table was a beautiful blend light and dark blue tones mixed with white.  A small white table stood at the front with a massive white anchor that introduced the theme spectacularly. On this table some sweets stood waiting to be eaten including decadent truffles.  An adorable personalized printable art sign was framed in a matching blue and stood on the table in modern fashion.

The main table was covered in a  light blue cloth and then layered with a fantastic blue and white striped cover that gave the classic nautical vibe. At the back, a sheer white curtain hung in front of a massive window, allowing light to filter in softly.  Two gigantic blue balloons hung on each side with a banner in the center advertising that baby was a boy. Strands of cute little whales, stars and circles made a perfect finishing touch to this innovative backdrop.

The range of treats offered was incredible, each detailed with precision to match the nautical theme beautifully.  Sugar cookies were shaped into whales and other seafaring fun items and were frost in blues that matched the theme tones.  Yummy chocolate cupcakes stood on tall sea foam stands with little whale labels.  There were also tasty pudding cups and sweet little mini pies to enjoy.  As a celebration centerpiece, a two layer cake was frosted in blues of all shades to create a sea look. It was adorably decked out with a whale on top and a little anchor on the side.

nautical-whale-baby-shower-boy-banner nautical-whale-baby-shower-centerpieces nautical-whale-baby-shower-chocolates nautical-whale-baby-shower-cupcakes nautical-whale-baby-shower-dessert-cups nautical-whale-baby-shower-desserts nautical-whale-baby-shower-fish-cake nautical-whale-baby-shower-fish-cookies nautical-whale-baby-shower-floral-decor nautical-whale-baby-shower-guest-seating nautical-whale-baby-shower-macarons nautical-whale-baby-shower-mini-pies nautical-whale-baby-shower-printable-art nautical-whale-baby-shower-sugar-cookies nautical-whale-baby-shower-truffles nautical-whale-baby-shower-vip-seating nautical-whale-baby-shower-welcome-sign


Design, paper products & styling: Partylicious

Desserts: Sugar Bliss by Mari

Cookies: Cookies by Suehery

Cake: Jovanna Valentín

Tablecloths: Jamalú Rental