Thing 1 and Thing 2 Baby Shower

Over the years Dr. Seuss has created all sorts of iconic kid’s characters and among them Thing 1 and Thing 2 have been absolute favorites! My Little Angel Decorations took these adorable little characters and created a wonderful baby shower for twins!!!

Blue, white and red made the perfect color blend for this party, giving the whole room a blast of color that popped brilliantly.

The snack table was nothing short of sensational with details galore.  A red and white striped backdrop made a fantastic base for a blue center that was decorated with gorgeous framed letters.  Adding depth, a sheer white curtain was draped for a beautiful finishing touch on the background.

thing-1-and-thing-2-baby-shower twins

At the front of the table for a fun look a giant blue boa lined the table, matching the blue table cloth perfectly.  Numbers 1 and 2 along with letters spelling Babies were used to draw attention to the table beautifully.  Painted in red, they matched the theme smoothly.

One absolutely wonderful idea used for this little party was miniature cakes placed on pedestals on each side of the table. They were frosted in a cute polka dot pattern and topped with little Thing 1 and Thing 2s. The stand used to display these additions to the table were actually glasses placed upside down, an innovative and crafty idea.

At the center of the table a three layered cake took the stage, following the Thing 1 and 2 theme spectacularly.  Each layer had a slightly lopsided effect that you would expect to find in any of Dr. Seuss’ books! With varying patterns and an adorable Thing 1 and 2 topper, this dessert was sure to please.

With all sorts of other delicious details like sugar cookies and cake pops, this table was definitely one of a kind!

Credits – My Little Angel Decorations

dr seuss inspire baby shower twins twins-thing-1-and-thing-2-baby-shower-backdrops twins-thing-1-and-thing-2-baby-shower-cake 2 twins-thing-1-and-thing-2-baby-shower-cake twins-thing-1-and-thing-2-baby-shower-cookies twins-thing-1-and-thing-2-baby-shower-decorations twins-thing-1-and-thing-2-baby-shower-decors twins-thing-1-and-thing-2-baby-shower-dessert table twins-thing-1-and-thing-2-baby-shower-red flowers twins-thing-1-and-thing-2-baby-shower-stage guest tables twins-thing-1-and-thing-2-baby-shower-table scape

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Two Peas in a Pod Baby Shower

Two Peas in a Pod was the adorable theme for this entrance into the world for twins. With lots of innovation from Felicity of Little Paper Plate Events, this party was a superb blend of details and fun.  In a bright white room as a venue, the vibrant green theme colors stood out very smoothly.


A cute little salt and pepper shaker was the actual inspiration for decorations and the cake topper proving that brilliant ideas can come from all sorts of interesting places!

Green dots were handcrafted for the walls to create a spotted look that was certain to please. To go along with those, deep green dot garlands were used, matching the pea theme to perfection.

The dessert table was accented with a fantastic backdrop of two peas in a pod that were diy’d, giving a personal look to the table. Large lettering added to the decor and ensured that guests would know what the theme was. As a garland across the front of the table felt string and honeycomb balls were put together to give a wonderful bit of texturing.

Tasty treats all went along with the theme with green touches that looked very inviting.  Little sugar cookies frosted to looked like little peas took front and center at the table on an elegant white dish.  Chocolate cupcakes had green wrappers and yummy white frosting. The cake was very sweet with two peas in a pod as a topper and lined with little peas around the bottom.

Two vases overflowing with lovely green and white florals added a sweet bit of decor to the table along with a delicious jar of lemonade for the guests to enjoy. Mason jars were used as cups each tied with a cute string and green straws to match the theme.

Credits –

Cardboard peas and polka dots: Little Paper Plate Events

Felt string and honeycomb balls: Pulp Creative Paper

Cake: The Cupcake Co – Mosman

Fondant Cake topper, biscuits and cupcakes – Little Paper Plate Events

Cake decorating supplies: Something for Cake

Party photography: Little Paper Plate Events | Photos

two-peas-in-a-pod-baby-shower-twins-cake two-peas-in-a-pod-baby-shower-twins-cookies two-peas-in-a-pod-baby-shower-twins-cupcakes two-peas-in-a-pod-baby-shower-twins-decoration two-peas-in-a-pod-baby-shower-twins-decorations two-peas-in-a-pod-baby-shower-twins-dessert-table two-peas-in-a-pod-baby-shower-twins-drink-station two-peas-in-a-pod-baby-shower-twins-food two-peas-in-a-pod-baby-shower-twins-mason-jars two-peas-in-a-pod-baby-shower-twins-napkin


Green Pea Pod Dessert Table

Little Miss Pea Baby Shower

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Pink Tutu Twin Baby Shower

This elegant Tutu Twin Baby Shower was a lovely blend of pink and grey that gave a soft effect.  Created by KLM Events, this shower had a bit of everything that you could want in a celebration.

The dessert table was nothing short of perfection with every single bit covered in tasty treats or gorgeous decor, making it a stunning part of the venue.

The table was surrounded with mounds of grey tulle, giving a sweet tutu look.  Bordered on top with a neat rose patterned pink cover, the table was a smooth stage for all sorts of delightful treats.  The backdrop was a huge framed display of artwork that was eye-catching and blended with the grey and pink tones of the party perfectly. It had an adorable center picture of two onesies, with a polka dot background.

The table was set beautifully with varying levels for the snacks to be displayed on, ensuring that it was easy to see and grab each item.  On one end of the table a sweet bouquet of pink roses was shaped into a circle and placed on a stick that was wrapped in pink ribbon.  This was set on a tutu of grey tulle on top of a box, giving that ballerina look.

For the treats, there was a wide arrangement of choices for everyone to enjoy.  Each was labelled with an elegant little tag that match the pink/grey tones of the party.  Vanilla cake pops were set on a lovely tiered tray and were adorably topped with little pink flowers. Sugar cookies were shaped as onesies and decorated adorably. There were even little oreo truffles that were made into ‘baby rattles’ adding a fun touch.

The cake was stunning, gorgeously frosted in pink, grey and white and had flowers trailing from top to bottom.  Each layer even had a layer of pearled frosting for an elegant and lovely effect.

Credits –

Design/styling, cupcake topiaries, and oreo truffle ‘baby rattles’: KLM Events
Hand-painted backdrop: The Mural Of The Story
Cake: Adelaide’s Cakes
Printables: Lillian Hope Designs
Tutu cake pops: The New York Cake Popery Inc.
Stacked cookies and chocolate Oreos: Kima’s Konfections
Sugar Cookies: Debbie Giordano
Candy Kabobs: Sweets Indeed
Tulle table skirt and mini tutu’s for topiaries: Sweet Jelly Parties
Candy: Royal Candy Company

Pink Tutu Twin Baby Shower cake Pink Tutu Twin Baby Shower cakepopsPink Tutu Twin Baby Shower cake pops in rattle Pink Tutu Twin Baby Shower cookies Pink Tutu Twin Baby Shower dessert table overview with lovely table cover and skirting Pink Tutu Twin Baby Shower dessert table, amazing Pink Tutu Twin Baby Shower dessert table, tutu skirting Pink Tutu Twin Baby Shower flower made of cupcakes Pink Tutu Twin Baby Shower food, treats Pink Tutu Twin Baby Shower mini cake Pink Tutu Twin Baby Shower rattle pops Pink Tutu Twin Baby Shower rattle treat on carriage Pink Tutu Twin Baby Shower red velvet cakepops Pink Tutu Twin Baby Shower, sugar and spice


Pink and Gold Tutu Baby Shower

Shimmering Pink and Gold Baby Shower

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Thing 1 Thing 2 Twins Baby Shower

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are well-known in the Dr. Seuss world with their energy and antics and Sunny by Design used them in a wonderful way to create a baby shower to remember. Running on a one-week time stretch to throw the exciting party, they had a real challenge to overcome. The outcome was a fantastic display of colors and innovation that was very impressive.

Thing one and Thing two cupcakes

One action that Thing 1 and Thing 2 are known for is running all over with kites, and Sunny by Design took this idea and created an adorable flag banner that was actually supported by poles in pots, adding to the zany Dr. Seuss vibe. With bright red, blue and white, the patterns and letters on the banner showed vibrantly.

A sweet bit of clip-art was turned into a vintage project that would remind mom-to-be of the party with a little touch of DIY and matting. The frame was actually an awesome accident as the original idea was to have a white frame, we think this vintage look that they created is way cooler!

Prizes from the games were made using canvas bags that had iron-on Thing 1 and Thing 2 clipart, making it a unique and long-lasting option for guests to enjoy. In addition to the bags, adorable little onsies were spruced up with theme related clip art as well, offering a cute option for the babies-to-be to wear.

The cake was a bright bit of fun with red and white stripes that mimicked Cat in the Hat.  There was even black detailing added to really add to the detailing in a fantastic way.

Yummy cookies wrapped individually with little thank-you notes made a wonderful finish to this sweet party. Tied off with light blue ribbons, they looked absolutely scrumptious.

Credits – Sunny by Design

cat in the sign food labels cat-in-the-hat-cake dr seuss thing 1 thing 2 baby shower food Green egg salad fish in a dish thing 1 thing 2 baby shower decorations Free printable napkin rings green egg and ham sandwiches Made with jello squares and sprite dr suess sign it is fun to have fun, but you have to know how dr seuss thing 1 thing 2 banner thing 1 thing 2 bingo game labelled thing thing 1 thing 2 bingo game thing 1 thing 2 crazy Seuss Oreo pops thing 1 thing 2 twin baby shower food ideas thing 1 thing 2 twin baby shower sign thing-1-thing-2-twins-baby-shower-bunting-free thing-1-thing-2-twins-baby-shower-cat-in-the-hat-cake thing-1-thing-2-twins-baby-shower-cookie-favors thing 1 thing 2 twin baby shower-dessert-buffet thing-1-thing-2-twins-baby-shower-favors



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Pickles and Ice Cream Twins Baby Shower

Karma Flowers was excited to create this fantastic Vintage Pickles & Ice Cream themed baby shower. With mom-to-be expecting twins, two ideas blended into one fun idea seemed like the perfect way to go. For a quaint venue area, the party was set up at the Harvest Moon Inn.


Because they specialize in flowers, one of the biggest parts of this fantastic gathering were the gorgeous arrangements that were laid out in perfection. A lovely spread of blush peonies, ivory roses, carnations and mums added color and beauty to the entire venue.  In addition for a unique option, raw floral cotton was used on the guest tables as a centerpiece to remember. Set in vintage loom needles and vases, the cotton was a white wonder.

Another neat decoration that was placed throughout the party room were vintage ice cream churners and pickle jars, as the focal point of the theme, they fit in fantastically and really added a bit of fun. The lovely lace curtains were closed up and the fireplace was lit to give a romantic and nostalgic glow around the room.

Each place setting at the tables was set with a menu so that everyone could decide what they would like right away.

There were also some other fun little decorations placed around that added to the theme beautifully including an adorable banner that said Pickles & Ice Cream in green and pink. Another cute addition was a little chalkboard creation that had a butterfly that really stood out.

For the favors, each guest got cute little recipe cards that were place in vintage ice cream and pickle favor bags. Set in an old tin bucket, they even doubled as a cute decoration until the party was over. This fun theme had all kinds of little touches that brought the entire event to life.

Credits –

Floral and Event Decor: Karma Flowers

Photography: Ash Mari Photography

Raw Cotton: Floral Cotton

Banner: Moving Beauty

Venue: The Harvest Moon Inn

pickles-ice-cream-twins-baby-shower-decorationsbanner pickles-ice-cream-twins-baby-shower-floral-centerpiece pickles-ice-cream-twins-baby-shower-floral-cotton-centerpiece pickles-ice-cream-twins-baby-shower-floral-cotton-centerpieces-sugar-block pickles-ice-cream-twins-baby-shower-icecream-sandwiches pickles-ice-cream-twins-baby-shower-sign-in-chalkboard the adventure of pickles and ice cream twins-baby-shower-ideas



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