Vintage Lamb Baby Shower


This Vintage Lamb Baby Shower was impressively designed, planned and photographed by Jennifer Jones Photography by a very special grandma-to-be.  With this event being so close to her heart, every detail was perfectly executed with an abundance of love. 

The event was set up to be a gender neutral celebration, so the theme tones were a lovely blend of browns and white with a splash of pastel pink and blue incorporated throughout. 

For the invitations a touch of whimsy went a long way with an adorable little lamb in vintage tones. A fun font drew attention and the envelopes were even labelle with a wrap return address to make it easy on guests to RSVP.

A large chalkboard welcome sign invited the guests to come on into the home where the party was at and to add to this lovely bit of decor, a cute framed double photo of sweet little baby was set on a glass table for everyone to check out. 

The dessert table was absolutely stunning with a tan cover and burlap runner to set the stage. A fun flag banner was hung across the front of the table saying, “Baby.” Beside the table a fantastic vintage high chair held a range of decorations from a lamp to a bib. Rather than a traditional backdrop, hung right behind and above the table were all sorts of cute baby items like onesies and even teddybears.  Giant tissue poms added to the decor beautifully as well. 

For treats delightful frosted sugar cookies were individually wrapped with little labels on them and there were lots of other tasty desserts to try out too. A large, two layer cake stood in the center with tan and white frosting and topped with a sweet little lamb.  This cake even stood on a soft, blue tray to draw the eye.

vintage-lamb-baby-shower-activities vintage-lamb-baby-shower-beverages vintage-lamb-baby-shower-buffet vintage-lamb-baby-shower-cake vintage-lamb-baby-shower-cookies vintage-lamb-baby-shower-desserts vintage-lamb-baby-shower-dress vintage-lamb-baby-shower-floral-decor vintage-lamb-baby-shower-flowers vintage-lamb-baby-shower-food vintage-lamb-baby-shower-framed-art vintage-lamb-baby-shower-fruit vintage-lamb-baby-shower-gifts vintage-lamb-baby-shower-guest-seating vintage-lamb-baby-shower-guest-tables vintage-lamb-baby-shower-invitations vintage-lamb-baby-shower-letters vintage-lamb-baby-shower-nametags vintage-lamb-baby-shower-sheep vintage-lamb-baby-shower-sheep-decor vintage-lamb-baby-shower-silverware vintage-lamb-baby-shower-tissue-poms vintage-lamb-baby-shower-treat-table vintage-lamb-baby-shower-welcome-centerpiece vintage-lamb-baby-shower-welcome-sign vintage-lamb-baby-shower-wooden-highchair


Planning/Photography – Jennifer Jones Photography



Floral Pink Baby Shower


This Floral-Pink-Baby-Shower featured all sorts of glamorous elements, making it a sweet and sophisticated event for a special mom-to-be. With the planning expertise of Bella, every detail of this party was exquisite.

To draw attention to the gorgeous dessert table, massive blocks in gold lettering spelled out, “Baby,” to one side with an adorable stuffed teddybear leaning on them. The backdrop to the table was beautifully done, oversized paper flowers in various shades of pink hung delightfully while balloons in a towering bouquet floated on each side.

The table itself was stunning with a lovely shimmering gold tablecloth accented by cute layers of pink tulle at the very front. Adorable decorations used to add to the theme included a little stuffed bear that sat at the back of the table with a little bear smile, beautiful displays of flowers on each side and some fantastic framed, customized art.

The treats for the dessert table were yummy looking with perfect details that matched the soft pink theme beautifully. Cakepops looked almost too good to eat with various types of coating from a golden shimmer to pretty pink and white patterns. Each had a gold or gold and white swirly stick for easy grabbing too.  At the front of the table tasty gummy worms and other candies were laid out on a golden tray, inviting guests to feed their sweet tooth.

The cake for the party was divine, featuring a light pink top that got darker going down to the tray.  A rosette styled texture created an elegant look and a crown at the top was a perfect addition. It had, “Welcome,” spelled out on the top layer so everyone would know for sure what this celebration was all about. On each side of this cake rock candy on sticks stood tall in mason jars.






Planning/decor – Bella, instagram: bellas_design


Pretty Pink Ballerina Baby Shower


This sweet Pretty Pink Ballerina Baby Shower was fashionably created by Bee Unike Events. To emphasize the ballet vibe of this theme, lots of sheer and pink fabric was used to put together a lovely, elegant dessert station. With a canopy design, the dessert area was staged beautifully, while providing plenty of space for the guests to get to the table for snacks as needed.

Luxurious white and pink carpets made a wonderful platform for the dessert table too, inviting everyone to relax and enjoy the sweet celebration of life. The table was covered in shimmering pink, layered to give a curtained appearance at the front too. An adorable backdrop with a framed silver silhouette in a tutu offered a fantastic introduction to this party.

The treats were absolutely adorable, all decorated perfectly in varying shades of pink and white.  Cake pops were frosted to look like the ribbons on ballet slippers and had silver sticks for easy grabbing. They were set on a lovely silver tray with hanging jewels to add to the elegance of this ballerina theme.  Cupcakes had adorable pink slipper toppers and were set on cupcake tree stands with dangling jewels as well. They were set at the back of the table, adding dimension.  Sugar cookies in assorted shapes made a delightful addition to the table too, some were even done as ballet slippers to blend with the theme perfectly.  A sleek three layer cake made a tasty looking centerpiece to the table too, frosted beautifully in pink and white with silver accents and cute baby slippers on the top.

Guest seating was absolutely lavish with tables covered in pink or silver  and chairs wrapped in white with pink ribbons. Tutu’d mannequins stood out in adorable fashion as centerpieces for the tables and the place settins in silver added a sophisticated touch.

pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-cake pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-cookies-shoe pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-cupcake-tower pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-dessert-table pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-flower-bouquet pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-framed-art pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-gold-vase pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-guest-tables pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-sugar-cookies pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-textured-tablecloth pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-treat-table-top pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-tutu pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-white-chair


Bee Unike Events


Kate Spade Baby Shower


This Colorful Kate Spade Baby Shower was a show stopper with Jessica’s expert design skills. From the elegant choice of venue at the Biltmore, to the colorful theme tones, the shower was one to remember.

Guest seating was arranged family style in a long row, making it easy for everyone to converse as they ate. The seats for at the table were a fun modern shape with a cushioned design that ensure everyone would be super comfortable. To create the Kate Spade vibe, a navy and white polka dot runner was placed down the center of the table and then gorgeous arrangements of red and white flowers were spread all the way down to give a floral feel. The place settings matched the table decor perfectly with gold chargers accenting navy and white plates. Each setting had a personalized menu too, making it simple for everyone to see what was available to choose from. Vibrant pink napkins made a fun finishing touch to this table design.

No baby shower is complete without some interactive games and this party had a fun one called, “Name That Baby Tune.” The guest with the most correct answers was the winner!

A station was set up with delectable desserts for everyone to enjoy too. With a tower of plates set in the center, each one featured a flavorful treat that was decorated to perfection. There was also a stunning two layer cake in gold and white with a fun edible pink bow as a topper. It was set on the end of the table right beside a plateful of yummy looking chocolate covered strawberries.

For guest gifts, adorable bottles of chardonnay were given out, each wrapped in golden paper and tagged with an adorable little shower phrase.  A golden pineapple made an adorable decorative addition to this table.















Printables, decorations, planning – Jessica

Venue – Biltmore Estate

Party helpers – Pamela and Kelly


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Golden Baby Shower



This Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Golden Baby Shower was a sparkling display of detail that a special mom was sure to love! With the styling eye of MsLaine Events,  a world of imagination was brought to life.

Creatively celebrating 100 days, this unique celebration was filled with all sorts of lovely decor that was sure to please.  Using gold, blue and white, the venue had an elegant and vibrant style tone.

The dessert table was delightful with all sorts of sweets for guests to enjoy. Cakepops were covered in blue and silver with little stars for a cute look. They were set on a fantastic vintage style tray in white right at the front of the table which made it simple for guests to grab and go.

There were individually wrapped sugar cookies frosted in blue and white with all sorts of fun shapes that went with the theme beautifully. Near the back, yummy cupcakes were frosted in blue and white with shimmering stars standing up tall on them for a cute effect. Chocolate bars wrapped in blue added color to the table too.

A personalized sign in blue made a bold backdrop for the dessert table, introducing the celebration in a fresh way.  On each side of this brilliant sign, colums of balloons in gold and white added an elegant look.

For a celebratory cake, a massive twinkling wonder stood right at the center of the table.  It was adorable decorated with golden stars and a sign with the vip’s name at the top.  Flowers on each side of the cake drew the eye while adding a natural touch to the decor.

A separate station was arranged to display personalized water bottles that ensured no one stayed thirsty! This table even had adorable stuffed pillows in a moon and star shape.

twinkle-twinkle-little-star-golden-baby-shower-balloons twinkle-twinkle-little-star-golden-baby-shower-blue-cakepops twinkle-twinkle-little-star-golden-baby-shower-cake twinkle-twinkle-little-star-golden-baby-shower-cakepops twinkle-twinkle-little-star-golden-baby-shower-cookies twinkle-twinkle-little-star-golden-baby-shower-cupcakes twinkle-twinkle-little-star-golden-baby-shower-dessert-table twinkle-twinkle-little-star-golden-baby-shower-goodie-bags twinkle-twinkle-little-star-golden-baby-shower-photo-display twinkle-twinkle-little-star-golden-baby-shower-pillows twinkle-twinkle-little-star-golden-baby-shower-shiny-balloons twinkle-twinkle-little-star-golden-baby-shower-silver-cakepops twinkle-twinkle-little-star-golden-baby-shower-small-pillows twinkle-twinkle-little-star-golden-baby-shower-sparkle-stars twinkle-twinkle-little-star-golden-baby-shower-wrapped-chocolate twinkle-twinkle-little-star-golden-baby-shower-wrapped-treats


Planning – MsLaine Events

Photography – Daphanie Loong

Baker – Bakers Art

Baker – Wennie Yap