Vintage Lamb Baby Shower


This Vintage Lamb Baby Shower was impressively designed, planned and photographed by Jennifer Jones Photography by a very special grandma-to-be.  With this event being so close to her heart, every detail was perfectly executed with an abundance of love. 

The event was set up to be a gender neutral celebration, so the theme tones were a lovely blend of browns and white with a splash of pastel pink and blue incorporated throughout. 

For the invitations a touch of whimsy went a long way with an adorable little lamb in vintage tones. A fun font drew attention and the envelopes were even labelle with a wrap return address to make it easy on guests to RSVP.

A large chalkboard welcome sign invited the guests to come on into the home where the party was at and to add to this lovely bit of decor, a cute framed double photo of sweet little baby was set on a glass table for everyone to check out. 

The dessert table was absolutely stunning with a tan cover and burlap runner to set the stage. A fun flag banner was hung across the front of the table saying, “Baby.” Beside the table a fantastic vintage high chair held a range of decorations from a lamp to a bib. Rather than a traditional backdrop, hung right behind and above the table were all sorts of cute baby items like onesies and even teddybears.  Giant tissue poms added to the decor beautifully as well. 

For treats delightful frosted sugar cookies were individually wrapped with little labels on them and there were lots of other tasty desserts to try out too. A large, two layer cake stood in the center with tan and white frosting and topped with a sweet little lamb.  This cake even stood on a soft, blue tray to draw the eye.

vintage-lamb-baby-shower-activities vintage-lamb-baby-shower-beverages vintage-lamb-baby-shower-buffet vintage-lamb-baby-shower-cake vintage-lamb-baby-shower-cookies vintage-lamb-baby-shower-desserts vintage-lamb-baby-shower-dress vintage-lamb-baby-shower-floral-decor vintage-lamb-baby-shower-flowers vintage-lamb-baby-shower-food vintage-lamb-baby-shower-framed-art vintage-lamb-baby-shower-fruit vintage-lamb-baby-shower-gifts vintage-lamb-baby-shower-guest-seating vintage-lamb-baby-shower-guest-tables vintage-lamb-baby-shower-invitations vintage-lamb-baby-shower-letters vintage-lamb-baby-shower-nametags vintage-lamb-baby-shower-sheep vintage-lamb-baby-shower-sheep-decor vintage-lamb-baby-shower-silverware vintage-lamb-baby-shower-tissue-poms vintage-lamb-baby-shower-treat-table vintage-lamb-baby-shower-welcome-centerpiece vintage-lamb-baby-shower-welcome-sign vintage-lamb-baby-shower-wooden-highchair


Planning/Photography – Jennifer Jones Photography



Camping Themed Baby Shower Decorations and Party Favors

Summer camp or camping with your family can be a wonderful experience for both adults and children. If your family loves spending your summers camping outdoors, what better way to welcome a future camper into the world than a camp themed baby shower? It’s time to pack your bags and pitch some tents! There’s a baby shower to plan! Below are a few ideas to get you started!

Camping Themed Party Sraws

These camping themed party straws are sure to make all of your beverages a hit with your guests! The straws are sold in sets on tweleve and are adorned with several camping related decorations such as a tent, fire, canteen, and backpack. Your guests will love the extra special touch when they sip from their favorite beverages. 


camp straws

by thepartypenguin



It’s A Boy Cake Topper

If you’re expecting a baby boy, this cake topper is sure to win the eyes of your guests and it  is the perfect decoration for a camp themed baby shower! “It’s a Boy” is handcarved into three pieces of wood to make this cake topper extra special. The diameter of the larger parts of the cake topper measure approximately 2.5 inches. The topper can be customized to fit your party. You can also purchase matching wood hearts if desired.


cake topper

by OzarkPartySupply

Adventure Awaits Camping Themed Banner

What better message to send during a baby shower than “adventure awaits.” Make sure that everyone knows that your baby’s adventure will soon begin by displaying this adorable banner. Unlike many banners, this banner is made from wood, so it will last for years after the baby shower. This decoration could pull double duty as a nursery decoration! The banner measures approximately six feet in length, which makes it the perfect length to decorate almost any wall.

camping banner

by CrankyCakeShop


Pine Tree Appetizer Picks

If you’re idea of camping involves pine trees up in the north woods, then these pine tree appetizer picks will make the perfect addition to your camping themed baby shower. The picks are sold in sets of fifteen and come in a wide variety of color options. You can use the picks to decorate cheese as shown in the picture or other small appetizers. They might even look nice atop small cupcakes!

appetizer picks

by NoteWorthyPaperPlace

Camping Themed Gift Boxes

Make your party favors the highlight of the party with these camping themed gift boxes. Your guests will appreciate the extra special touch when they open their party favors. These boxes can be filled with items such as popcorn or candy. To stick with the camping theme, you could even fill the boxes with supplies for your guests to make s’mores. The top of the boxes can be personalized with the date and the name of the baby being celebrated. In addition, the sides of boxes include fun “baby shower facts” to keep your guests entertained. 

camping gift boxes

by WendysPrintableParty



Around The World Themed Baby Shower Decorations and Party Favors

If you love traveling and you cannot wait for your new baby to join you on all of your adventures, an around the world themed baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate a new baby girl or boy! This theme can be used in a variety of different colors which makes it a great theme for a baby girl or boy. What are you waiting for? It’s time to pack your bags and get ready to plan a wonderful baby shower! Below are a few ideas to help you get started!


Airplane Themed Straws

Often times, traveling will involve flying in an airplane! If you love taking flight to visit new places then these airplane straws will make the perfect addition to your baby shower. Even your plain, plastic cups will be able to look adventurous with these decorative straws. The straws are red and white striped and are decorated with a small gold airplane made from card stock. The straws are sold in sets of ten and measure approximately eight inches tall. 

airplane straws

by GoldDrift

Around The World Party Favor Boxes

It’s likely that you will want to send your guests home with a special treat to remember the special day. Share your party favors in style with these decorative boxes. The boxes are sold in sets of 100, so there will plenty of boxes for all of your guests. The boxes will require some assembly, but a little effort will be worth it when you get to see all of the smiles on the faces of your guests. 

map gift boxes

by Bestwayoem

Map Themed Cupcake Wrappers

Cupcakes are a must have for any baby shower! Make sure that your cupcakes fit with the theme by using these map themed cupcake wrappers. These wrappers can turn even the simplest cupcakes into special creations that your guests will adore. The cupcakes wrappers are sold in sets of twelve and can be custom ordered to fit the needs of your party. 

cupcakes wrappers

by JazzyBug

Travel Themed Banner

A banner is an easy way to make any part of your home a part of the party. This banner would look adorable hanging on a wall or as a part of a themed table. The garment includes eleven handmade origami dresses a shirts. This decoration also includes recycled string which makes it not only stylish, but also eco-friendly. 

travel garland


Welcome Aboard Decorative Sign

How adorable would this sign look at your baby shower? This welcome sign would look great in a hallway or on a front door to welcome guests to the party. The sign reads “Welcome Aboard Airways” and inclues the name of the baby being celebrated in bright red. Of course, it can be customized to match the colors of your baby shower. 

welcome aboard sign

by SquishyDesignsbyMe


Floral Pink Baby Shower


This Floral-Pink-Baby-Shower featured all sorts of glamorous elements, making it a sweet and sophisticated event for a special mom-to-be. With the planning expertise of Bella, every detail of this party was exquisite.

To draw attention to the gorgeous dessert table, massive blocks in gold lettering spelled out, “Baby,” to one side with an adorable stuffed teddybear leaning on them. The backdrop to the table was beautifully done, oversized paper flowers in various shades of pink hung delightfully while balloons in a towering bouquet floated on each side.

The table itself was stunning with a lovely shimmering gold tablecloth accented by cute layers of pink tulle at the very front. Adorable decorations used to add to the theme included a little stuffed bear that sat at the back of the table with a little bear smile, beautiful displays of flowers on each side and some fantastic framed, customized art.

The treats for the dessert table were yummy looking with perfect details that matched the soft pink theme beautifully. Cakepops looked almost too good to eat with various types of coating from a golden shimmer to pretty pink and white patterns. Each had a gold or gold and white swirly stick for easy grabbing too.  At the front of the table tasty gummy worms and other candies were laid out on a golden tray, inviting guests to feed their sweet tooth.

The cake for the party was divine, featuring a light pink top that got darker going down to the tray.  A rosette styled texture created an elegant look and a crown at the top was a perfect addition. It had, “Welcome,” spelled out on the top layer so everyone would know for sure what this celebration was all about. On each side of this cake rock candy on sticks stood tall in mason jars.






Planning/decor – Bella, instagram: bellas_design


Cute Baby Boy Shower Favor Kit

I came across these cuties! These baby jumpsuits / dresses has a little openning inside for Hershey’s kisses!
What a special way to thank the guests!

Click on the image for more detail.