Shimmering Twinkle Twinkle Baby Shower


This sweet, Shimmering Twinkle Twinkle Baby Shower was certainly a vision with all sorts of adorable, glamorous touches that could easily spoil a special mom-to-be. The lovely decor spread throughout this venue was fantastically styled by Oak St. Design Studio.

Some adorable and unique decorations created for this party included large green and white bouquets of flowers that were placed in mason jars. To blend them smoothly with the theme, golden, shimmering stars were also placed in the jars and the jars were surrounded with fluffy cotton at the bottom, making it look like a little cloud.

A fun gift given to each of the guests was a “make a wish” bracelet that was a single star on a string that was attached to a thank you card saying that you should make a wish and put it on and when it falls off, your wish would come true.

Some fun decorations used to bring this party to life included a wonderful gold and white tassel banner that was hung in front of a fireplace with strands of stars hanging down to the floor.  More cotton was used on the mantle to create a cloud effect.

The food looked absolutely scrumptious at this party with a little something for everyone to enjoy.  A decadent cheese plate offered all sorts of tasty cheese and crackers to try out. Little chicken salads were placed in adorable little edible holders.  There was even some delightful shrimp cocktail to munch on.  Cucumber sandwiches were cut into star shapes for a cute addition to the theme.

A wonderful two layer cake made a stunning dessert choice with blue and white frosting.  Stars were lined down the side in a neat line and a golden topper made a perfect finishing touch.

shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-banner shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-cake shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-cake-topper shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-champagne-glasses shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-cheese-plate shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-chicken-salad shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-cucumber-sandwiches shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-cups shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-dip shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-fireplace-stars shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-flower-bouquet shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-flowers-clouds shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-flowers-with-stars shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-fruit-tea shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-golden-balloons shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-mini-quiche shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-ribboned-jar shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-shrimp-cocktail shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-star-straws shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-table-decor shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-wish-activity

Credits –

Oak St. Design Studio


Pink Tutu Princess Shower


This lovely, Pink Tutu Princess Shower was easy to fall in love with, containing all sorts of cute little details to celebrate new life. With the skill of Sidney Marie Designs, the design of this venue was stunning.

A gorgeous dessert buffet was set against a lavish background, showcasing the baby’s name in massive purple letters right in the center. Overlapping layers of pink fabric had a curtain like look and at each corner wonderfully crafted flowers drew the eye.

The table was wrapped in pink tulle, creating a tutu effect. The top of the table had a layer of white, creating a soft stage for all of the snacks to stand out on.  Trays in silver with mirrored tops made an elegant addition to the look. Candies in pink and purple were arranged delightfully in glass holders of various sizes, offering a full look at the table. A magnificent row of flowers were adorned with a silver crown, accenting the large letters of the baby beautifully. Cupcakes were frosted in both pink and purple, creating a fun and unique treat for the guests to indulge on.  A gorgeous cake was layered in deep purple, pink and white and topped with a tiny tiara.

A special table was arranged for the mom-to-be with a lovely white chair lined with soft pillows for extra comfort.  With a row of candles at varying levels and little castles on each end of the table, it was easy to see what the theme at this adorable event was. A miniature bouquet of pink and peach flowers were enhanced with a pink crown at the top and they were set at the center of the table. With a strand of purple tulle draped across the front of this table, it was definitely fit for a queen.

pink-tutu-princess-shower-cake pink-tutu-princess-shower-desserts pink-tutu-princess-shower-flowers pink-tutu-princess-shower-guest-book pink-tutu-princess-shower-photo-frame pink-tutu-princess-shower-pink-candies pink-tutu-princess-shower-treat-table pink-tutu-princess-shower-tutu-centerpiece pink-tutu-princess-shower-vip-table pink-tutu-princess-shower-wrapped-candies

Credits –

Sidney Marie Designs


Golden Royal Prince Baby Shower


This ravishing, Golden Royal Prince Baby Shower was planned the by the experts at Lima Limao.  The venue chosen for this event was absolutely stunning. Between the gorgeous building and the intricate decor, this theme was certainly a royal event. Using a soft blue tone to go with the gold, the room had a softness to it that was very inviting.

To make the snack buffet the centerpiece to this space, it was placed in front of a lovely mirror, underneath and exquisite golden chandelier. Rather than a single table, three were used to hold the goodies, all different styles in gold, creating a vintage feel. The large table was placed behind two small ones at the front.  On the large table a delicious two layer cake stood tall on a lovely glass cake tray.  It was topped with an adorable teddy bear wearing a crown. He was even posed with one knee up, making him a cute and memorable topper.

There was a delightful assortment of treats offered including little cake pops that had fun details like stars, crowns and teddybears.

To accent the table and give it a full look, massive bouquets of blue and white flowers stood on each side of the cake. Columns of blue balloons made a sweet addition to the look too.

Little snacks were placed in fantastic paper liners that looked lacy, giving an elegance to the station that stood out beautifully.  The two tables at the front were packed with tasty snacks for everyone to enjoy and to blend with the theme, each one had an adorable stuffed teddy bear as a centerpiece.  To quench everyone’s thirst, cute bottled water with personalized teddy bear labels was offered, each on an individual saucer, creating a unique look that was sure to be enjoyed.

golden-royal-prince-baby-shower-beverages golden-royal-prince-baby-shower-buffet golden-royal-prince-baby-shower-cake golden-royal-prince-baby-shower-cakepops golden-royal-prince-baby-shower-cakepop-snacks golden-royal-prince-baby-shower-candies golden-royal-prince-baby-shower-decorations golden-royal-prince-baby-shower-desserts golden-royal-prince-baby-shower-snack-decor golden-royal-prince-baby-shower-teddybear golden-royal-prince-baby-shower-treats golden-royal-prince-baby-shower-wrapped-candy

Credits –

Design/Planning – Lima Limao


Cozy Pink Baby Shower Soiree


Susan and Donna from Fabulous Fetes designed this adorable Cozy Pink Baby Shower Soiree for her best friend’s niece.  With a set idea of using lots of pink and whimsical decor, this fantastic theme came together brilliantly.

The party started right at the front door, making it easy for the guests to see right where to go.  A lovely arrangement of bold and soft pink tulle was draped around the doorway, offering an elegant look.  To make this section even more welcoming, a special table was set up with delicious sparkling pink champagne for the guests to enjoy.  Each glass was adorned with a cute little paper butterfly too, offering a touch of whimsy. The table used for the glasses had a light pink cover as well as a sweet little welcome note in a fantastic silver frame and a lovely jar of pink roses.

Upon entering the venue, giant pink and white poms as well as doorways draped with more lovely tulle fabric led the guests right to the desired party area. The treat table was massive and round, so wrapping it in tulle to create a ballet skirt look was a perfect idea.  At the center of the table, a tiered tray held yummy cupcakes for everyone to try out too.

A wonderful display used at this party also doubled as  usable gift for baby-to-be.  2 layers of pink clothesline held 12 onesies, each decorated beautifully, providing a whole year for the little one. In front of them, tulle was used to add to the decor beautifully.

As a twist on the traditional “Don’t say baby” game, each guest was pinned with a lovely silk flower that was given away if they said the world baby throughout the party time. Whoever ended with the most flowers won the game.  The party favors were homemade brown sugar scrubs in adorable little jars.

cozy-pink-baby-shower-soiree-butterflies cozy-pink-baby-shower-soiree-butterfly-tree cozy-pink-baby-shower-soiree-doorway cozy-pink-baby-shower-soiree-feather-boa-i cozy-pink-baby-shower-soiree-framed-art cozy-pink-baby-shower-soiree-guest-gift-sugar-scrub cozy-pink-baby-shower-soiree-onsies cozy-pink-baby-shower-soiree-pink-champagne cozy-pink-baby-shower-soiree-silk-flowers cozy-pink-baby-shower-soiree-treat-table

Credits –

Design/Planning – Susan and Donna from Fabulous Fetes

Photography – Melanie Knopke


Cozy Winter Pinecone Baby Shower


This Cozy Winter Pinecone Baby Shower was skillfully handled by Keri Lostteter, who used her innovative talents to create a warm and inviting venue for a special group to celebrate new life together!

Using a rustic venue space, this party had a charming element that reflected throughout, ensuring that the guests would be comfortable. A row of gorgeous horse prints added a perfect look to the room, each hung on a nail with wooden labels hung below them.

No fall celebration is complete without a special beverage for everyone to enjoy. This party featured an entire table dedicated to serving out delicious Apple Cider.  Small glasses were prepped with cinnamon sticks and placed on a round golden tray, offering a fantastic presentation. To make a perfect beverage though, some accessories are needed so of course this table was arranged beautifully with extras so everyone could make their own special twist on a classic. Lemons and whipped cream were just a couple of tasty additions laid out.

For those who did not want cider, iced water was offered, with fruit added to give it a fantastic, colorful look.

The table with the beverages was set up to have a picnic style, with a white cover and a checked black and white runner. For ambiance, lovely lighted branches stood at the back of the table, offering a soft lighting.

Tasty ham was one of the edibles offered and to bring the flavor to life, a variety of fantastic sauces were made.  Each item was clearly labeled with a fun, tree branches with pinecones art tags. The food was placed on a table that was decorated similarly to the beverage table.  Branches were laid on top, giving a natural look.

For a tasty dessert, a sweet chocolate cake was offered with a cute topper saying, “Welcome to the World.”

cozy-winter-pinecone-baby-shower-beverages cozy-winter-pinecone-baby-shower-labels cozy-winter-pinecone-baby-shower-sauces

Credits –

Stylist: Keri Lostteter

Pinecone Printables : Bride and Bows