Chic Floral Garden Baby Shower


This Chic Floral Garden Baby Shower was created by the fantastic ADAL Kreation. Using an indoor venue it can be incredibly difficult to create an outdoor garden vibe, but ADAL Kreation did it splendidly. A major element of this set-up was the shrubbery backdrop that stood behind the dessert table. It was massive and a lovely, deep green color that transported you into a world of imagination with just a glance.  To introduce the theme with perfection, the baby-to-be’s name was spelled out in large golden letters right in the center. The letters were elegantly fashioned and accented with gorgeous blooms in purple and pink.

A large, mahogany toned wooden table was used to hold the treats, adding to the chic look of this venue. No cover was needed as this table made a lovely stage all by itself.

An abundance of radiant flower arrangements filled the space at the back of the table beautifully.  With light blooms surrounding deep pink and purple ones, they stood out gorgeously. The vases were stunning too. Candles added a touch of soft ambiance to the decor as well, some tall and skinny ones as well as tiered towers of the larger ones on each side of the table.

The treats were pure decadence, each variety decorated with precision to match the chic garden theme perfectly.  Cakepops had tasty looking blooms in pink and purple with golden butterflies appearing to flit right on the flowers. Wooden sticks were even used for each one.  Cupcakes were placed in golden holders that had lovely detailing. They were topped with adorable flowers as well.  The cake was a vision all by itself.  With three layers frosted in white and textured, it had a simple and elegant presence that was almost too good to eat up. It was accented with large edible blooms on the top and sides too.

chic-floral-garden-baby-shower-bouquet chic-floral-garden-baby-shower-cake chic-floral-garden-baby-shower-cakepops chic-floral-garden-baby-shower-candies chic-floral-garden-baby-shower-candles chic-floral-garden-baby-shower-cupcakes chic-floral-garden-baby-shower-dessert-table chic-floral-garden-baby-shower-flowers chic-floral-garden-baby-shower-flower-vase chic-floral-garden-baby-shower-gold-name chic-floral-garden-baby-shower-pink-shoes chic-floral-garden-baby-shower-pudding chic-floral-garden-baby-shower-small-bouquet chic-floral-garden-baby-shower-stuffed-bear chic-floral-garden-baby-shower-treats

Credits –

ADAL Kreation


Blue Green Under The Sea Baby Shower


This Blue Green Under The Sea Baby Shower was a vision in pastels, the entire venue decorated gorgeously with purple, teal and gold. With the expertise of Aura Decorations this adorable theme was both tasteful and elegant.

The dessert table was fantastically accented with a backdrop of flowing sheer fabrics in teal, purple and white. With layers draped together, the fabric had a curtain styling.  At the center a lovely shimmering backdrop of marbled tones gave a sealike look and had a golden mermaid silhouette along with some fish to introduce the theme spectacularly. At the back of the table two very tall golden stands held seated golden mermaids that went perfectly with the backdrop.

The dessert table itself was wrapped in curling teal strands of fabric, giving a fantastic textured effect. A golden top on the table made an elegant stage for the desserts and it had cute teal starfish spread throughout the decor to add a fun bit of color. The treats were all placed on golden trays that were lovely.  Each dessert option was pristinely decorated to match the theme with adorable little details like seashells and seahorses.  Sugar cookies, chocolate covered apples and even cupcakes waited to be tried out. Three cakes made a stunning centerpiece to the table, two mini’s on the sides of the tiered one and decorated brilliantly.  Tiny clam shell toppers were put on each of the cakes with little mermaids in the center. The tiered cake was an exceptionally detailed undersea adventure just waiting to be nibbled on.

The sides of this table had golden tables with adorable white, ceramic seahorses.  A lovely massive white chair framed in gold was set to the side of the table as a special vip section for this sweet mom-to-be too, adding to the elegant decor perfectly.

blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-cakepops blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-chocolate-covered-apple blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-desserts blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-flower-decor blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-golden-decorations blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-golden-table blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-guest-tables blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-miniature-cake blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-pastel-cake blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-seahorse-decor blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-sugar-cookie blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-tail-decoration blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-throne blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-tiered-cake blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-treats blue-green-under-the-sea-baby-shower-water-backdrop


Aura Decorations


Angelic Royal Blue Newborn Baby Shower


This lovely Angelic Royal Blue Newborn Baby Shower was beautifully designed by CreaMay . With a natural ivory theme tone along with navy blue, the decor was exquisite. A backdrop with an inspirational write up in cursive was made just for the event, it featured an adorable angel on each side of it too.  

The treat table was surrounded with a variety of vintage style tables to create a full and unique look. They all had the ivory tone that enhance the theme perfectly. On each end of the dessert table little round tables held teddy bears with angel wings.  Tall flower arrangements stood at the back too, offering a natural addition. The bottoms of the tables were also decorated with flowers.

The main dessert table held a lamp on each side to create a soft lighting in the room.  Treats were laid out on trays of varying heights, giving depth to the table and making it simple to reach for what you want.  The desserts were elegantly decorated with ribbons, feathers and other shimmering decor.  Boxes with tasty goodies were jeweled up gorgeously.  Glass jars held different snacks like macarons in a variety of colors for the guests to enjoy. One fun treat were marshmallow flowers on sticks. The center marshmallows were covered in rainbow sprinkles and they were each individually wrapped. Water was offered in bottles with personalized labels, adding to the sophisticated vibe of this party.

Around the front of the tables an adorable train of angel cut outs with lights made a fantastic addition to the decor. It arced smoothly around the front of the tiny table that held the beverages. Empty white birdcages gave a cute vintage touch on each side of the train too. Another adorable decoration was a light up window with a white wreath on the front of it.

angelic-royal-blue-newborn-baby-shower-feathered-snacks angelic-royal-blue-newborn-baby-shower-jeweled-gift-boxes angelic-royal-blue-newborn-baby-shower-macarons angelic-royal-blue-newborn-baby-shower-marshmallow-flowers angelic-royal-blue-newborn-baby-shower-teddy-wings angelic-royal-blue-newborn-baby-shower-treat-table

Credits –



Traveling Baby Shower


Check out this super cute Traveling Baby Shower theme! Bee-unike Events masterminded the event with their awesome skills and created a party like no other to celebrate this mom-to-be! Using a lovely mix of soft sea green, silver and gold, this venue had an elegant and tasteful style that could easily impress.

The arrangement of decor at this event was exceptional. An entire stage was set up with a massive white chair for the vip to relax at, and beside it the treat table invited guests to enjoy lots of goodies.  On the other end of the stage a sign pole held the names of all sorts of delightful touristy places to visit.  On the stage floor by the pole a vintage style globe added a neat touch to the look.

The stage was wrapped in a soft green cloth and had a row of stairs leading right up the center that was artfully covered in textured green fabric as well. The stage had been set in front of a large window area that had lots of sheer fabric hung to create a soft and sweet light. The backdrop was very creative with an airplane circling the earth in an animated style.

The dessert table was adorably decorated with fun travel items like a tower of suitcases in the center, part of which was actually a divine cake for everyone to enjoy. It even had a globe at the top.  Two miniature cakes were detailed to look like the planet on each side of the suitcase tower and they even had little golden cameras on top.  Sugar cookies stood on flat trays at the front of the table shaped into fun travel items like airplanes. There were even perfectly frosted cake pops to try out. A donut tree made a spectacular addition to this delightful table too.

traveling-baby-shower-baggage-claim-sign traveling-baby-shower-dessert-table traveling-baby-shower-donut-tree traveling-baby-shower-elegant-trays traveling-baby-shower-little-cake traveling-baby-shower-precious-cargo-photo-station traveling-baby-shower-signs traveling-baby-shower-stage traveling-baby-shower-suitcase-tower traveling-baby-shower-thank-you-boxes traveling-baby-shower-vintage-globe

Credits –

Bee-unike Events


Shimmering Twinkle Twinkle Baby Shower


This sweet, Shimmering Twinkle Twinkle Baby Shower was certainly a vision with all sorts of adorable, glamorous touches that could easily spoil a special mom-to-be. The lovely decor spread throughout this venue was fantastically styled by Oak St. Design Studio.

Some adorable and unique decorations created for this party included large green and white bouquets of flowers that were placed in mason jars. To blend them smoothly with the theme, golden, shimmering stars were also placed in the jars and the jars were surrounded with fluffy cotton at the bottom, making it look like a little cloud.

A fun gift given to each of the guests was a “make a wish” bracelet that was a single star on a string that was attached to a thank you card saying that you should make a wish and put it on and when it falls off, your wish would come true.

Some fun decorations used to bring this party to life included a wonderful gold and white tassel banner that was hung in front of a fireplace with strands of stars hanging down to the floor.  More cotton was used on the mantle to create a cloud effect.

The food looked absolutely scrumptious at this party with a little something for everyone to enjoy.  A decadent cheese plate offered all sorts of tasty cheese and crackers to try out. Little chicken salads were placed in adorable little edible holders.  There was even some delightful shrimp cocktail to munch on.  Cucumber sandwiches were cut into star shapes for a cute addition to the theme.

A wonderful two layer cake made a stunning dessert choice with blue and white frosting.  Stars were lined down the side in a neat line and a golden topper made a perfect finishing touch.

shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-banner shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-cake shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-cake-topper shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-champagne-glasses shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-cheese-plate shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-chicken-salad shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-cucumber-sandwiches shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-cups shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-dip shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-fireplace-stars shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-flower-bouquet shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-flowers-clouds shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-flowers-with-stars shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-fruit-tea shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-golden-balloons shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-mini-quiche shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-ribboned-jar shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-shrimp-cocktail shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-star-straws shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-table-decor shimmering-twinkle-twinkle-baby-shower-wish-activity

Credits –

Oak St. Design Studio