Elegant Marie Antoinette Baby Shower


How breathtaking this Elegant Marie Antoinette Baby Shower turned out! With the expert skills of Adal Kreation, this event was styled to perfection. The large venue was arranged to emulate the sophistication of Marie Antoinette in her prime. With feathers and flowers incorporated throughout the room, the decor was stunning.  

A special table was set up for the special parents to be, giving them all the attention they deserved.  This table had a fantastic golden frame that gave a royal look to the room. With tall, light blue candlesticks and a lovely bouquet of flowers adorned with a feather, this table was magnificent. The place settings featured gorgeous masks for them to wear too.

A dessert table stood against a light blue wall that made a sweet backdrop.  With tall vases full of flowers, this table stood out beautifully. It matched the VIP table with a golden frame.  The desserts placed on the table were delectable, each perfectly decorated to go with this elegant theme. Sugar cookies in all sorts of adorable baby shower shapes were frosted in pastels and placed on golden trays at the front of the table. Cupcakes had gold holders and the cake was tremendous. It was placed on a tall stand at the back of the table and was frosted in a delicate pink with ornate detailing that blended beautifully with the rest of the treats.

To the side of this table a lovely large chair with a golden frame was placed to give the VIP the royal treatment.

elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-cake elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-cakepops elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-card-box elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-cookies elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-cupcake elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-cupcakes elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-favors elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-flowers elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-guest-seating elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-mini-cake elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-place-setting elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-silverware elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-snack-table elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-sugar-cookies elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-sweets elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-table-setting elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-treats elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-vip-chairs


Design and styling: Adal Kreation

Cake, Cupcakes and Cake pops: La Cuchara Dulcetta Cookies

Oreos covered: Mayra’s Cakepops

Wood laser cut: The Wood Shape Store

Mirror Table, Throne chair and Marie Antoinette chairs: @Glampartyrental

Flowers: @Huntpointflowersmarket

Photography: Miguel Pichardo Photography / Cinematography Collaboration Sweet Ambitions Events Faireny Ramos


Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars Shower


What a delight this Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars Shower by  Bee-unike Events turned out to be! Using a fantastic blend of light and dark blue tones, the space used for this party was pure elegance.

A large window was utilized to create a stunning backdrop for this stellar dessert table. With a sheer fabric curtain over the window, there was no glare from the sun and the vibrant light gave the entire room a warm and inviting atmosphere. Blue fabric was draped on each side, showcasing the theme tone beautifully.  In the center of the window a navy blue window frame was made from poster board with a silver moon and stars hanging in it, giving a neat look. Even the ground below the table was decorated to go with this spectacular shower theme, white fluff gave a fantastic cloud like effect that guests were sure to enjoy.

The table used to hold the snacks was a modern chic sheer one that did not need any cover.  It made the perfect stand for the spread of tasty snacks that filled it. Each edible was detailed beautifully, making this table a work of art. A massive two layer cake was frosted in light and dark blue and had an adorable moon and bear topper.  To enhance this beautiful cake, it was set on a stand decorated in fluff to make it look just like a cloud. To each side of the large cake, mini cakes were frosted in the light blue with their own adorable moon and star toppers.

A unique and brilliant decoration used for this theme were light up stars and clouds that were incorporated into the dessert table flawlessly to attract the eye while ensuring that the theme was clearly expressed. For a natural touch large bouquets of blue and white flowers stood tall on large, clear stands.

twinkle-twinkle-little-stars-shower-cake twinkle-twinkle-little-stars-shower-flowers twinkle-twinkle-little-stars-shower-guest-table twinkle-twinkle-little-stars-shower-silver-runner twinkle-twinkle-little-stars-shower-throne twinkle-twinkle-little-stars-shower-treats twinkle-twinkle-little-stars-shower-venue


Planning/design: Bee-unike Events


Regal Elephant Shower


This lovely Regal Elephant Shower was beautifully masterminded by Aura Decorations. With a fantastic blend of teal and gold, the venue had a sophisticated and elegant look.

A dessert table was covered with a neat golden cover with textured circles that added a glamorous shine and texture. A backdrop was gorgeously created with a patterned golden decoration that was accented in the front with gold and teal fabric that draped elegantly to the floor.  

The desserts were astonishing in detail, cakepops had golden sticks and lovely broach style decorations.  Candy coated apples had golden bows and adorable flowers and broach decorations too.  Cupcakes were frosted in teal had were set in golden cups.  There were even delightful mini cakes in teal and gold with large elephant toppers. The centerpiece to the table was a three layer wonder in gold and teal that was immaculately decorated in flowers, baby accessories and had a golden elephant on top. To accent this cake, on each side of it tall, thin bouquets of blue and gold flowers stood out marvelously.

The guest tables were all beautifully decorated to match the theme as well. A soft gold cover was adorned with a shimmering golden runner that matched the dessert table smoothly. Each table had a vase with large flowers in the theme tones.  To advertise table numbers, ornate, golden frames gave a sophisticated look while making it easy to locate. Each place setting featured a golden charger and a teal napkin.

For the special mom-to-be a large throne like chair sat at the front of the venue in gold and white, offering a royal option for celebrating. It even had a lovely golden pillow on it.

regal-elephant-shower-cupcakes regal-elephant-shower-cakepops regal-elephant-shower-cupcake regal-elephant-shower-decorative-animal regal-elephant-shower-flowers regal-elephant-shower-golden-table regal-elephant-shower-guest-table regal-elephant-shower-treats regal-elephant-shower-treat-table regal-elephant-shower-vip-throne


Planning/design: Aura Decorations

Cake, cupcakes and minis cakes: Ilza placencio

Sweets: Lenni uceta de Abreu

Flowers: David


Harry Potter Baby Shower Decorations and Party Favors

When celebrating the magic of a baby’s approaching arrival, what better theme is there to go with than the fantastical magic of Harry Potter? Ever since the first book premiered in 1997, J.K. Rowling has been capturing and inspiring the imagination of readers both young and old throughout the world. Regardless of whether you’re new to the series or have been a fan since the beginning, here are several decorations and favors to help get you started on making your shower as magical as can be!

Harry Potter Boy & Girl Cake Toppers

If a cake is to make an appearance as one of the shower’s sweet treats, be sure to finish it off with one of these two magical cake toppers. These Harry Potter inspired toppers are available to be made in natural wood, white acrylic, and gold, silver, or pink mirror acrylic. Both toppers have a width of 5 inches, with the girl topper having a height of 4 inches while the boy topper is slightly taller at 4.5 inches, and come with spikes to go into the cake that are approximately 1.2 inches in length. Should you desire a different size, however, the seller is accepting of custom orders and will work to fulfill your request.

Harry Potter Boy Cake Topper

By AcrylicArtDesign

Harry Potter Girl Cake Topper

By AcrylicArtDesign

Harry Potter Cupcake Toppers

For smaller sweets, impress your guests with the magical touch that these cupcake toppers will bring to the party. Featuring the Golden Snitch, Lightning Bolt, and Deathly Hallows, this set of twelve toppers includes four of each iconic symbol from the Harry Potter universe. High quality gold foil cardstock and matte black cardstock are used for the Golden Snitch (3 inches by 2 inches) and Deathly Hallows (2 inches by 2 inches) respectfully, while the Lightning Bolt (1 inch by 2.5 inches) is available in five different colors of equally high quality cardstock. These toppers arrive attached to small wooden sticks, ready right away to decorate delicious desserts.

Harry Potter Cupcake Toppers

By AlohomoraPaperCo

Harry Potter Baby Shower Sash

To help the mother-to-be feel extra magical during her special party, surprise her with this customizable baby shower sash pronouncing her as a magical ‘Mum to Be.’ While the standard sash is made of cotton and felt, different materials can be used upon request. The lettering upon the back is completely customizable, and a safety pin is included to help comfortably attach and wear the sash around a baby bump. It may also be creatively utilized as a nursery banner once the party is done, ensuring the magic remains long after the party guests have left.

Harry Potter Baby Shower Sash

By HardFelt

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Party Favor

Finally, give your guests the opportunity to return home with a touch of magic of their own Golden Snitch! Featuring a customizable note hidden inside an unfertilized and cleaned real quail egg, this party favor is painted gold and fitted with two small white feather wings before being nestled in a soft bed of green moss within a little brown box. The ribbon sealing the box is available in either metallic gold or raffia ribbon styles. While delicate enough to provide a magical surprise when guests crack their Snitch open, you can additionally rest assured that your eggs will arrive safe and sound in the mail thanks to very protective packing.

Harry Potter Golden Snitch

By LittleElephantCrafts

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Party Favor

By LittleElephantCrafts

Star Wars Baby Shower Decorations and Party Favors

With a worldwide fan base numbering in the millions, the chances are high that there are many soon-to-be parents who just so happen to also be one with the force and consider themselves devout Star Wars fans. If you happen to include yourself in this group and are planning a party to welcome a little Jedi into the world, here are some decorations and favors that could help bring a galaxy far, far away just a little bit closer to home.  Enjoy these ideas, and may the force be with you!

Star Wars Gender Reveal Banner

If you want to give the Star Wars touch to a gender reveal party, this banner may be perfect for you! Featuring the iconic Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, this kraft, white, blue, and pink banner is made up of eleven 4” squares. Additionally, alternate colors can be requested when making your order should you want to slightly change up your requested banner.

Star Wars Gender Reveal Banner

By JoyfulCraftShop

Star Wars Diaper Cakes

Impress your guests with these diaper cake guests of honor! Modeled after Yoda, Princess Leia, and R2D2, this set of three Star Wars diaper cakes is made up of one hundred forty Size 1 Pampers Swaddlers wrapped in ribbon and fanned to prevent diaper distortion as well as allow for easy use when needed. The Yoda and Princess Leia diaper cakes both stand at approximately 15” tall (also featuring linen cloth and white satin respectfully), whilst R2D2 is slightly shorter at 12” tall, and all three cakes stand upon a 10” base. For some additional fun, three hand crocheted hats (0-1 month size) are included for the newborn, as is a bubble wand for grown up and children alike.

Star Wars Diaper Cake

By Julies2CuteCreations

Star Wars Cupcake Toppers

Provide your guests tasty Star Wars treats with these cute little cupcake toppers! This set of twelve hand cut toppers features seven different characters from the Stars Wars universe, all created using quality cardstock and attached to a small foam square to provide that appealing 3D effect. The backgrounds of each toppers is created with embossed white cardstock and pink chevron printed cardstock, the latter being available in different colors upon request. All cupcake toppers come attached to a wooden pick for quick and easy decorating.

Star Wars Cupcake Toppers

By LittleRedBanner

Star Wars Gourmet Cookie Mix Mason Jars

As the party comes to a close, ensure your party guests return home happy with these Gourmet Cookie Mix Mason Jars! These party favors are topped with a baby bottle nipple, Star Wars print fabric, and a bow of your personal color choice. Each 16 ounce pint or 32 ounce quart jar is labeled with a baby Princess Leia sharing, “May the force be with you!” under which personalized wording can be added, and includes attached simple instructions on how to turn the cookie mix into approximately two dozen delicious cookies. The cookie mixes available to choose from include Chocolate Chip, Sugar, Strawberry or Lemon Coconut, Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake, Pistachio White Chocolate, and many more as well. Pancake, waffle, scone, muffin, coffee, soup and bread mixes are also available to choose from. A minimum order of five is required if personalized.

Star Wars Cookie Jar

By FabRustic